In With the Old

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

2am. The absolute most appropriate time to introduce you to the QUiD Fall 08 line. We are over the top pumped about everything going on around here (thus my many consecutive sleepless nights). From the opening of our brand new vintage shop to the launch of the fall originals, here’s a quick shopping list of what you can look forward to very VERY soon:

1. QUiD Vintage is soon to be taking over wardrobes everywhere. expect to be dazzled by the ravaging collection of vintage wear we have conjured up for fall. Find us at!

2. Can you say savage, sassy and chic? That’s the word on our latest QUiD Handmade originals. Scorching displays of tribal influence collide with a modern inferno that will set fall ablaze.

3. Hot new blog features will send your stylista mind into a full on tizzy over the next few weeks and months. Insane thought #1: wear something fab everyday. No cash to be so haute? QUiD’s raiding your closet like indy and won’t stop until we uncover endless fashionista treasure! Insane thought numero dos: Wish you could dress like you were hot off the runway but are missing a few million shopping dollars? Let us show you how to get the fab looks for practically nothing.

It’s all coming this fall and you won’t want to miss it!

Here’s to a QUiD-tastic season,


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