How to Rock a Scarf

We’ve had our first few days of chilly weather which has me thinking about one of my favorite accessories, the scarf. Confession: I’m strangely addicted to those crazy bits of neck fabric. Knitted, woven, silk or cotton, I get a peculiar sense of accomplishment every time I wrap one around my neck. Like I’ve just managed to make myself that much cooler.


There is only one quandary I have about donning a scarf. And it appears to be a pressing question among my cohorts as well. It seems to us that there is a bit of an art to conquering the 40 billion ways to wear this fine accessory. A bit daunting even for the most imaginative of us all. And that brings me to you.


Fashion gurus unite. I’m looking for the most fashionable, absurdly clever and original ways you’ve discovered to wear (or do you tie) a scarf. Send me pics, post comments…do what you gotta do.



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