Over the Weekend


Another Monday, another chance to meet a new indie girl. Today I’m talking to Mandy, crochet extraordinaire and brains behind the fabulous etsy shop, Missindie. Browsing through her shop you’ll find lovely original designs in colors that make you want to wrap yourself in their delectable goodness.


QUiD: What is your favorite thing about the weekends?


Mandy: Being able to do whatever I want. I can sleep in, stay in my pjs all day if I want, and spend all day crocheting and watching old movies. Weekends are the best.


Q: What is your favorite thing to wear on weekends?


M: Anything comfy. If its cold outside I’ll probably have a blanket wrapped around me all day. And barefootness all day :]

Q:What do you like to eat on weekends?


M: I snack more than I eat meals. It’s mostly grapes, Goldfish crackers, string cheese, and tea. Definitely tea.


Q: Tell us about your most memorable weekend.

M: One of my favorite weekends was when I took my little sister out shopping. We went to a few shops and got candy and magazines. Then we went to borders to buy new diaries and found out that one of our favorite local bands was about to play a show there. So we stayed and had sodas and watched the band play. It was such a fun and random day.


Q: What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?


M: We drove up to Chicago one weekend and hung out on The Pier. It was so much fun. We got Chicago dogs and rode the giant ferris wheel and went shopping. All around an awesome weekend!


Q: What do you do creatively over the weekend?


M: I’ll work on new projects for my shop. Either coming up with new patterns or trying out some that I’ve found throughout the week.


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