I heart the 80’s

I have to admit I’ve got more than a little crush on the 80’s. I was pretty much too young to remember everything on the first go ‘round so this is all very exciting for me. Now, I’m not planning on going Cyndi Lauper on anyone just yet, but there are certain aspects of that era I’m super pumped to bring back.




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2 responses to “I heart the 80’s

  1. I admit, I like a lot of the 80’s too. I was born in ’87, so I was far too young to live through them. My mom was in her teens and 20’s then, and so she relives them fondly. (but has thankfully updated her fashions as the times changed!!)

    Most of my 80’s culture comes from the movies and music my parents liked. I like that the GOOD parts of 80’s fashions have resurfaced in a new and improved way.

  2. quidessential

    I have to admit, Christina, when I was little my mom taught me how to curl and “pouf” my own bangs…and I loved prancing around in her bright heels! Fun times!

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