Plaid Hatter

My fingers are just about numb from all the creating going on in my race to the Girlie Show. This week, the task has been to design and create pillbox hats. The goal was 10 and I’m well on my way! Sometimes these little guys seem intimidating when I first begin, but once I get into it the ideas just start flowing! I love to create something unique like the pillbox hats. So many people think they can’t wear them (especially in the Midwest where I live), but I say “Girl, rock that hat”! I love being a native Texan but there are so many days that I think my fashion eye was transplanted from London!


I decided to channel the fashion greats (think Oscar and Ralph) to pay homage to some of the most fabulous designs for fall! So here’s a little sample of one of that series of hat designs. I think it most resembles something from the fashion house of D&G. What do you think?



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