Over the Weekend

I seem to be running behind this week in just about every area! I’ve just finished making up a batch of really cute upcycled t-shirts and then…bam! I realized I have this awesome interview with an etsian down under to show you all!

Here she is, all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Ladies and Gentleman (I’m guessing there’s at least one guy reading this)….Kumezee! By the way, that’s pronounced “koom-zee”.

Describe your most memorable weekend (recent or just a fun one you remember).
My most memorable weekend that I remember was when I went on a Chocoholic walking tour with my husband and friends. We had a guide that took us to about 4 or 5 chocolate shops in Melbourne and gave us a talk about the history of the shops, which I enjoyed. Much of what she talked about related to chocolate. We got the chance to shop and taste some samples at each place. And I think on that day I broke my record in regards to how much chocolate I ate in one day. I was totally fine after because I love chocolate! I enjoyed that day very much and I was quite comfortable wearing a T shirt and Capri jeans while we walked around the city.

What is your favorite thing about the weekends?
Relaxing and we have a special meal which is generally the best meal of the week. Plus sometimes we have special sweets that my husband makes because I’m not so good at making any desserts. He is a quite good pastry chef at home. Sometimes I enjoy playing on our Wii.

What do you do creatively over the weekend?
I try to cook something different. Sometime I try to cook different country’s meal just for fun and good experience; I have even attempted making meals for an entire week using just 1 special ingredient in every meal. My cooking is like kind of art because I never measure anything and just make it with my 6th sense. That’s why I’m never good at making sweets, which requires precise measurements.

What is your favorite thing to wear on weekends?
I like to wear skinny pants or casual dress outside but am usually wearing comfortable pants and T shirt at home.

What do you like to eat on weekends?
We go to the market and get lots of fresh food every weekend. We can get various meats to choose from but we usually have some tasty fish on Sunday. I can’t live without eating fish!

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?
My husband took me to the farm about 2 hours drive away from our place to have my first experience at riding a horse. I got to enjoy riding a horse for a couple of hours in some plains that ventured into a forest.
I’ve never ridden on horse till then, so it was a very exciting experience. We also saw some wild grey kangaroos during the ride.  My husband made a picnic that we ate beside the road. I had very sore bum next day and my horse was very lazy but I enjoyed the day very much.



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