How to make a box (and other crafty nightmares)

It’s no secret that I’ve been wracking (or is it “racking”) my brain trying to come up with a fantabulous giveaway for the art show I’m doing in November. Not to give anything away, but I’ve come up with a rockin’ idea. First, I had to learn how to make a box out of recycled paper (you’re welcome, mother earth). In the back closet of my mind, I knew I had seen someone, somewhere do this. Well, I finally found the how to video here.  

Two days and six swolen fingers later, I had the cutest little boxes in which to place my lovely suprise!

my little horrors!
my little horrors!

so cute!

Oh…and you can apparently use either “wracking” or “racking” according to Who knew?



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7 responses to “How to make a box (and other crafty nightmares)

  1. now if only this box can fit into my little envelope to ship it hmf…. of will it ? hm–…

  2. quidessential

    If you made it from cardstock it would be pretty durable. Maybe in a bubble mailer it would work?

  3. Those are really cute. I might have to make some of them for our bath cupcakes. Thank you very much

  4. quidessential

    that would be really cute! I also made my own little stickers to fit right in the middle…just forgot to take a pic of them before I handed them out! 😦

  5. Sewinggranny Mona

    They turned out great!!! So cute.

  6. They looked like they turned out great, despite your troubles!

  7. your boxes are so cute…I’ve seen that video myself…but haven’t actually made any yet…hrmm

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