007 Style

I must be some kind of backwoods girl. Just last week I saw my very first Bond film. Aside from the cars (my dream is to own an Aston Martin) and ridiculously stylish clothes, I have to say I wan’t too impressed. Of course, that was one film of many so I guess I’ll have to give James another chance!

I did get inspired my the oh-so-suave way Mr. Bond handles a gun, which made me think of another guru of style, Mr. Karl Lagerfield (a.k.a. Chanel icon and snazzy dresser extraoridinaire). Here’s a peek at my sleekest efforts at style!

love that spy style!

love that spy style!



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2 responses to “007 Style

  1. I haven’t seen a bond film yet! haha shhh don’t tell anyone. I mean, I know all about it, I just haven’t wanted to watch one. I am diggin’ that lamp!

  2. It might just depend on which Bond film you see…and which man is playing the lead. My preferences are Brosnin or Connery…but Craig isn’t hard on the eyes either. They all look spiffy in a tux. Yeah. Fun Bond Girl picks in this post!

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