Recessionista: Bail Out Your Closet

Although I don’t like to mix politics with fashion too often, I’m always looking for new ways to stretch my wardrobe. It’s no secret that America is in a heap of financial trouble these days. And chances are it will cause us to rethink our spending even if it doesn’t affect our actual pocketbook. While I’m a firm believer that anyone can be successful whatever the economy, I love finding frugal ways to look fab.


I swear, people think I’m a shop-a-holic. I get asked all the time how I never look like I wear the same thing twice. To be honest, I do LOVE shopping, but I set pretty realistic limits on myself.  I believe just a little creativity can make it look like you’ve maxed out your gold card without ever stepping foot into the mall. Here are just a few of the ideas I use to keep things looking fresh.



T-shirt and jeans kind of girl? If you’re like me and own exactly 6 t-shirts, you can feel pretty mundane very quickly. Here’s a thought: Put on what you would normally wear (a.k.a. vintage tee and skinny jeans). Now grab the first scarf you see. It really doesn’t even have to match. I love finding old silk scarves at thrift stores and pairing them with my most casual things…Instant Upgrade!


Awesome Tee!

Awesome Tee!

cool vintage vest!

cool vintage vest!
















Another idea is to grab a vest or cardigan (I like those long grandpa types) and toss that over a plain white t-shirt.  To make it even better, put a belt over the top of all that!



You Don’t Have to Match.

This is my number one fashion rule. When I realized this, my world was opened up to a plethora of new possibilities.


Some of my best outfits happen on accident. I put something on and it just doesn’t look right. I’ll usually do one of two things. First, I’ll stare into the mirror and whatever color pops into my head, I’ll go and find an accessory in that color (shoes, necklace, scarf, whatever). Sometimes, that’s where the magic happens.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll see if there is a pattern or texture that might make the outfit “pop”. I like to pair unusual patterns and prints…like leather and florals or plaids and paisleys. The key to adding textures to a look is really just to not bulk it up. You are wanting to add interest, not pounds to your style!


pretty lightweight scarf!

pretty lightweight scarf!


There are a thousand more ideas I could give you, but try these out for now. I’d love to hear other thoughts you might have. What’s your trick to spicing up your wardrobe?




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4 responses to “Recessionista: Bail Out Your Closet

  1. Really good ideas there! Thanks!

  2. Nice suggestions!

    I find that having some good staple pieces in my wardrobe help me to mix and match easily. Jeans, a jacket or two, a cardigan, a skirt, etc.

    One of my favorite ways to make an outfit pop is fun knit tights. HUE is my favorite brand. They have so many unique patterns and colors, etc.

  3. quidessential

    I love hue, too! In fact, I’ve devoted an entire blog post to fun tights!

  4. Courtney

    I know this was from a year ago, but I just now read it and I love it! Great suggestions!

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