Call to the artsy and craftsy

Do you have a great craft or artistic talent you’d like to share with QUiDessential readers? Run an online shop with your artsy goodness in it? We’re always searching around for fantastic people to feature here on the blog! Send us a comment today with a link to your wares and Qe will be happy to check it out! Can’t wait to meet you!



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7 responses to “Call to the artsy and craftsy

  1. Just followed you over here from etsy. Your blog is so fun. If you’re interested in monsters, I’d love to be featured.

  2. I would LOVE to be featured! I have some wonderful fairy mermaid girlie prints and cards plus cat and dog silk art boxed sets as well as offering Soul Readings –

    Lovely shop and thanks for helping us all out too!

  3. Hello,
    I would love to be feature on your site. I feel like I’d be a perfect fit, though I very partial!
    Best wishes,

  4. Row

    How nice of you to feature an Etsian! Your blog is great and anyone would be lucky to be a part of it (including me). Feel free to check out my shop along with the other interested Etsians out there.

    BTW, I love the tape measure post below. I guess because a lot of my project elements are size driven, I’ve developed a novelty interest in tape measures and rulers. I especially love old fabric tape measures.

  5. As always I love reading your blog !

    Don’t miss the Huge Etsy Vintage Market Sale.
    Visit my Blog for Details ♥


  6. yarnevie

    Just found this blog via the “Tag Surfer” on wordpress. I started a blog today for my crochet projects and to promote my ETSY store. Please check back in a week or two when I will have enough posts and items to be featured!

  7. yarnevie

    So sorry for the double comment, but I think my first one did not link to my blog (first comment ever on WP!).

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