Baby Bon Bon

I am now fully convinced that inspiration can come from anywhere. I mean anywhere. While standing in the checkout lane of the local Garden Ridge with my mom, my eye was captured by a plastic tub filled with discount bon bons of the most delightful colors.

Now, I’m definately not the type who gets excited or even thinks about babies, but these colors simply begged me to explore childhood fancy. Take a peek at this neopolotan-inspired world I’ve crafted just for you (or your little one).
bon bon room

Featured clockwise from top left: 1. Joan Theodore print at ttgart; 2. Raspberry Cream Cake Baby Satchel at Posh Tots; 3. Bratt Decor Cradle, Baby Box; 4. Cotswold Chair, Anthropologie; 5. Fruiteria Lamp, Anthropologie; 6. Crown Coconut Bon Bons, Crown Candy.


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