Black Friday History {PLUS, the scoop on handmade sales}

Black Friday. What the heck?! Why does such a wonderful day have such a downer name? My walking pop culture encyclopedia (a.k.a. my husband) tells me it’s because that is the day when stores make most of their yearly profits, therefore, putting them “in the black”. Well, upon further investigation, here’s what I found.

The term “black friday” originated in Philadelphia in the mid-sixties by disgruntled police officers trying to direct traffic on the day after Thanksgiving (which unofficially marked the beginning of the Christmas shopping season). Most retail stores didn’t fully embrace the term until the 1980’s when the not-so-negative “in the black” explanation was presented. Regardless of where the term came from, it is a day of pure madness and elation for every fashionista across the US.

In honor of the big day, here are a few Indie shops with great sales (yes, handmade goods on sale). And keep checking in, there are a truck load more to come tomorrow!




Freyja Glasswear




Parallax Photography





Charlie and Sarah




Pink Polish Design




Melissa Kate


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