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But I wanted an iPod (a.k.a. the gift guide for teens)

So here’s the deal. I love giving handmade and artsy-esque gifts. What I’ve learned is that not everyone appreciates the hours and brow furrowing that goes into creating. For those (usually a guy or a teenager), skip the one of a kind handfelted doo-dadd and head to the mall.

What I also know is that there are quite a few adolescent girls who would give their manicured little pinky nail for one of these darling gifts (there’s one sitting across from me twirling her long strand of pearls and sipping hot chocolate)!


teen gift guide

1. Hot Air Balloon Necklace, Maru Maru; 2. Lips Pendant, Brinky Bling; 3. Button Bouquet, EFG United; 4. Cupcake Plush, Smarmy Pants; 5. Polaroid Ring, nbscloset;  6. Felted Scarf, Saint Chicago


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A Very Vintage Gift Guide

I love all things vintage. I could spend DAYS on the hunt for the perfect vintage accessory. I use reclaimed baubles to make all sorts of lovelies. Finding that perfect pair of vintage boots makes my heart beat fast. In fact, if all I got for Christmas was a box full of old beads, lace, clothes…junk, I would be a pretty happy girl.

So why not give a little retro this season?


1.  Feather Tree, The Feather Tree Co.; 2. Fun retro-esque Book by Joelle Hoverson, Amazon; 3. Aprons Left to Right, Paisley Path & Retro Fit Aprons; 4. Vintage Christmas Print, Bucks County Frames; 5. Vintage Tumblers, The Orange Peel

side note: Nancy at The Orange Peel says you can get free priority shipping thru December 21st and a free vintage christmas ornament with each purchase! Thanks Nancy!


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Guest Gifter: Happy Place Design

I met this girl named Kelli. She’s pretty rad and has this awesome sense of indie style. I asked her to share some of her fashion sense with us for today’s gift guide.


Have a Cozy Crocheted Christmas!

Who knew so many fashionable accessory pieces could be made with just a few skeins of yarn and a crochet hook? It’s such an exciting craft once you get over the assumption that all things crocheted are made by cat loving grannies making doilies and pot warmers. But you don’t have to know HOW to crochet to adorn a trendy oversize cowl or flashy necklace. It’s no secret that Etsy is a great place get started when shopping for the perfect crocheted winter accessory for yourself and the ones you love. Don’t be stingy now, your friends and family deserve to be fashionistas, too! Think that maybe someone on your Christmas list deserves a little spice in their wardrobe? Here are the details to get you started!

Enter, the super, oversize cowl: Etsy seller “SprattersandJayne” has several super, oversize cowls in a variety of colors with oversize buttons from $78 to $115


Enter, the bubble beret: Etsy seller “softspoken” has a clever array of chic bubble berets for $18 that will add sophistication to any outfit!

softspoken-beretEnter, the mini beret: Etsy seller “LiDDesignsBoutique” has delicious mini berets for $35

mini-felted-beretEnter, the chain necklace: Etsy seller “itsalovelycake” combines vintage jewelry chains with colorful crocheted beads for a look that’s feminine and original, and at $20, a total steal!

crochet beaded necklace

Enter, the fingerless mitten: Etsy seller “CoquelicotSalon” offers an assortment of fingerless mittens in different color combinations and vintage button detailing from $28 to $34

fingerless-glovesIf you’re in the area, two new boutiques, Collected Thread and DNA Galleries, both offer great crochet accessories at affordable prices, and they’re conveniently next door to each other!

Collected Thread
1705 A NW 16th Street, OKC

DNA Galleries
1705 B NW 16th Street, OKC

Finally, here is my take on the crochet cowl trend worn two ways:

Kelli's Cowl
As you can see, they are so snuggly and warm that they make me want to take a nap inside them. 🙂


Check Kelli out on her website, Happy Place Design and custom order one of her snuggly cowls!


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By Popular Demand

I hate taking pictures of myself. I do everything I can to “duck and run” when I see a camera. I envy those who fearlessly look a nikon in the face (lense?) and say “shoot me”. Due to reader demand, however, I’m breaking my rule and giving you what you asked for. Here, my good friends and cohorts is my latest crafty venture into the world of knit. Don’t make fun, you asked for it.



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What to get the boy…

I LOVE buying gifts for people. I can be walking along and see 10 things that so-and-so would love. So why, oh why, is it so terribly hard to buy a gift for the boy? He likes gadgets. I like gadgets (or at least the idea of them). Well, today I’m going to give girls everywhere a big hand. After consulting with my private council of nerds (you know who you are, boys), Here are a minute few of the chosen items of geekery!


1. Desktop Speakers, Art.lebedev; 2. Paper Airplane Launcher, Gizmodo; 3. Lego Beetle, Lego; 4. Wooden Ray Gun, Builders Studio; 5. Exploded Keytar Tee, Troy Paiva

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Gift Guide: in black & white

Well. I finally learned how to knit. Mind you, I said knit, not purl (for those of you who know what that means). I didn’t realize there was a whole new language I would have to learn. And why, oh why, are those tutorials so maddening? I am, however, proudly wearing my first knit piece…a cowl. And I’m addicted. Something about pretty balls of yarn and using your fingers to transform them….pure genius. Anyone have a good yarn supplier? I think I’m going to need it!

Here’s #2 in my series of gift guides. What says “Merry Christmas” better than classy black and white?


1. Salt Shakers, Bailey Doesn’t Bark; 2. Camera Necklace, Timothy Adam Designs; 3. Framed Art, BLacKGas; 4. Baroque Alarm Clock, Urban Outfitters; 5. Typewriter Necklace, Tilly Bloom; 6. Silhouette Plate, Lisa Golightly


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Tag…I’m apparently it!

My friend Brigid over at Grey Eye Designs tagged me!

I have to list six facts about myself here for you all to read. Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here you go:

1. I love rainy days. In fact, if it starts out rainy and then turns sunny, I become a big grouch!

2. I grew up in a town called Electra, TX. I was lovingly known there as the “snow cone girl”.

3. I have an uncanny love for football. My husband doesn’t. He goes to the mall while I sit at home and watch. Go Texas!

4. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. Or a detective.

5. The little voice in my head speaks in a british accent. What? You know you hear voices, too!

6. I hate condiments. ewww. (I also hate the word “condiment”)

Okay…I’m tagging Happy Place Design, Stelabird, bananas and bees, Circles are Forever, What Rose Made Today, Belle and Boo


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Bookish: the gift of the printed page

Maybe it’s the season but I can’t seem to get my fill of books lately. It’s no secret I love to read, but I’ve got my nose deep in such a wide variety of styles I almost can’t keep up. Today, in a single sitting, I read 300 pages of a thought provoking novel, The Mermaid Chair. In the midst of all my busy Christmas fiascos, I’ve plunged into a book more challenging than I initially imagined, Destined to Reign (FYI-don’t let the cheesy cover fool you, this one’s deep). And to round out my reading reportiore, my darling husband talked me into trying out my first graphic novel, Watchmen.

If you’re thinking about giving a lovely book for christmas, here are a few of my favorite drool-worthy finds! 


The Stylista: Monolo Blanik: Drawings, Wintour, Roberts, Talley;  The Artiste: Over and Over, Michael Perry;  The HomeBody: The Nest: Home Design Handbook, Carley Roney; Tricia Guild Pattern, Guild, Thomson; The Drama Queen: Wicked: The Grimmerie, David Cote; The Craftster: Doodle Stitching, Aimee Ray.


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5 Coats of Chic: Finding the Perfect Coat

I think i may have finally come out of my shopping coma. Black Friday went off without a hitch. I picked up a few items I needed from “the list”, then spent the day bowsing through shoes, clothes and coats. Ahh, my dreamland come true! While I fared well and met some kind and generous fellow shoppers, I ran into a small roadblock. The perfect winter coat.

I’ve had my trusty black 3/4 length coat for about 6 years now. As fickle about fashion as I am, I’d say we’ve had more than a fair run. But alas, I can’t seem to find that elusive piece of outerwear to make my winter wardrobe fully functional. Perhaps I’m being overly picky. No, I’m sure of it. That’s just me being me, I suppose!

Here are a few I’ve got my eye on!


Clockwise from top left: 1. Laundry ; 2. Vintage, Porchesplace ; 3. Idra, Anthropologie ; 4. French Connection ; Straumur, Anthropologie


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