But I wanted an iPod (a.k.a. the gift guide for teens)

So here’s the deal. I love giving handmade and artsy-esque gifts. What I’ve learned is that not everyone appreciates the hours and brow furrowing that goes into creating. For those (usually a guy or a teenager), skip the one of a kind handfelted doo-dadd and head to the mall.

What I also know is that there are quite a few adolescent girls who would give their manicured little pinky nail for one of these darling gifts (there’s one sitting across from me twirling her long strand of pearls and sipping hot chocolate)!


teen gift guide

1. Hot Air Balloon Necklace, Maru Maru; 2. Lips Pendant, Brinky Bling; 3. Button Bouquet, EFG United; 4. Cupcake Plush, Smarmy Pants; 5. Polaroid Ring, nbscloset;  6. Felted Scarf, Saint Chicago



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3 responses to “But I wanted an iPod (a.k.a. the gift guide for teens)

  1. you always have such awesome picks! I’m loving the button bouquet and cupcake!

  2. Eek! Heather, I didn’t know you had a blog! I love it, and I’m totally adding you to my blog roll.


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