Haute Seat: Sleep Dream Play

Last week, I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Alice Rebecca Potter, a delightful textile designer/illustrator/crafter-girl. I fell in love with a few of her delicious designs and wanted you to meet her, too!


Be sure to check out Alice’s Shop when you’re done reading the interview! She’s giving all Qe readers a really cool discount!

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Important details:

In the Seat: Alice Rebecca Potter
Shop Name: Sleep Dream Play
Shop Website: www.sleepdreamplay.etsy.com

Location: London, England

QUiD: Tell us a bit about what you create.
Alice Rebecca:
As a Textile Designer my main attention when I am creating is always the use of patterns, and the illustrative and narrative element to my work, as well as the variety of surfaces things can be applied to. I really enjoy making various paper products, including notebooks and greetings cards. My journey into card making started when I realised I had a mountain of scrap fabric that I had printed during college, and just needed to use it up in some way. I also seem to have a slight obsession with the alphabet and enjoy seeing the numerous ways that element materialises in my work.

Q: Do you do it full time or part time?
At the moment this is a part time venture, working on things in between my other part time job as a bookseller. I do plan to become a full time seller one day, and for my business to become a reliable source of income fro me.

Q: What are the essentials for your craft?
The basic essential fro me are the obvious; pens, pencils, paper etc. I also have a bag of wooden blocks that I had cut at the local wood yard, and which I dip into every now and then to create vintage style blocks. I also cannot live without my sewing machine, or my computer, as I use Photoshop a lot, to put my work into repeats and things like that.

Q: Who/ What inspires you?
I would like to say I have one special person that inspires me, but I think I can thank London life, my peers and friends in their own creative disciplines for my inspiration and most probably my motivation. I would also say old personal family photographs have been a real source of inspiration for me, and the next collection I plan to work on may be coming from an old relative’s science book from 1924. It’s an extraordinary educational textbook.

Q: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
If I had been born a boy, my mother’s first choice of name for me was going to be Harry (see surname for reason of interestingness).

Q: Where do you create?
Right now I currently work in my bedroom, where I have a very large desk that takes up almost one wall space. Its covered in mess, as I just can’t seem to keep any resemblance of calm in my personal space. I would love to rent a studio space in the future of course.

Q: Where would you like to see your business go in the future?
I hope to fully expand my range and really focus on producing collections that follow fashion collections. For example a Spring/and Summer capsule collection and an Autumn/ Winter capsule Collection. A focus on colour will be important if this is a line i choose to follow. Also offering my prints on large pieces of fabric would be nice, so people could use my designs in their own work. I want to see sales increase weekly in the short term and in the long term I would like my label to be a trusted name in design.
I also look forward to being featured in a new design book that comes out in April, called Digital Textile Design, by Melanie Bowles.

Well, we look forward to seeing her designs in that book as well! Thanks Alice!



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2 responses to “Haute Seat: Sleep Dream Play

  1. Just want to say thanks to Heather for this interview.
    It looks great.

  2. pixe1

    Gorgeous fabrics! The interview was well done! Loved it! Off to check out the shop!

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