The World of Fornarina

I’ve been a fairly faithful follower of the Fornarina Urban Beauty Show for about 3 years now (wow, that was a tongue twister) . This runway alternative is more like a space age circus dream than fashion show. And I love it.

That being said, the ’09 spring line is out and their are quite a few little numbers I think every girl can appreciate. The only downside to the latest at Fornarina: Lindsey Lohan as the new poster girl. But hey, nothing says cracked out dream world like…

I leave you to your own conclusions.

spring 2009

spring 2009



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2 responses to “The World of Fornarina

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! I had forgotten about that line. When I used to go to trade shows, I was always so curious about Fornarina because their booth was always on extreme lock-down. Only approved buyers with appointments could ever even take a glimpse at their new product line. I was always so jealous of everyone that made it inside. 🙂 Their line is lovely!

  2. those blue shoes are fun! the world needs more colorful foot attire.

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