love me tender…

I’m such a moody person. Especially when it comes to fashion and artsy things. One minute I’m ready to paint on the red lipstick and don a leather jacket and the next I just want to settle down into the sunshine with a cup of warm tea. That’s me…and I don’t think I mind it.

Here are my picks for the softer side of love…

sweet and lovely...

sweet and lovely...

From top left:
1. Valentine Card, Linotte; 2. Tinkerbell Ring, bddesigns; 3. Love Pin, Coquelicot Salon; 4. Pillow, Pillow Happy; 5. Teapot, lawatson; 6. Arms Sculpture, Poodle Breath; 7. Pincushion, Sweetheartville; 8. Corset Ring, Esmeralda designs 


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2 responses to “love me tender…

  1. Awwwwwww…thank you soo much for the feature such lovely picks…I hope your hubby reads your blog and takes great notes:)

  2. what a lovely collection! thanks so much for including me. have a lovely valentines day on saturday! x

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