Haute Seat: Vivifromage

I found a great girl from France named Virginie who makes the most whimsical clothes. I thought you all should meet her, too! If you like Harajuku (Street Fashion), you’re in for a delish little treat!


QUiD:  Tell us a bit about what you create.
Virginie: I’m an independent fashion designer and I make women’s’ clothing. I created my own clothing line 2 years ago.

Qe: Do you do it full time or part time?

V: Sewing was at first a hobby, but now I’m trying to turn my passion into a full time job. I’m way too in love with my sewing machines to make something else, even though I studied French literature for 5 years! 😉
I’m really busy, because Vivifromage is a one-girl-operation, so I do everything, from making my patterns to sewing the garments. I’m always looking for cute fabrics and I try to create new designs as often as possible.

Qe: What are the essentials for your craft?

V: Essentials when you want to sew : high quality fabrics, good patterns (whether they’re yours or store-bought patterns), reliable sewing machine/serger, precision and creativity! 🙂

QE: Who/What inspires you?

V: Fellow DIY designers – several independent designers are really successful now (Jessica Louise, Shrinkle, Imyourpresent…) and I love to check out their work. They’re really inspiring!
Besides, I’m really inspired by Japanese street fashion, retro clothing and punk style and I always try to mix these influences in my clothes. My first collection was really colorful and girly (I was influenced by some of the looks in the fun book of pictures FRUiTS), my new collection is 40s/50s fashion related.


Qe: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

V: Sewing is the ONLY creative activity I can do!
I tried to learn to draw – I was lame. When I cook, it’s often a disaster. My boyfriend taught me how to play the bass guitar, and it was really hopeless. Actually I have no patience and when I can’t do something perfectly at the very first time, I quit… except for sewing. I can spend several dozens of hours on a single project, trying to improve just a little detail.

Qe:  If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
V: Other designers I admire, musicians (I made clothes for the lead singer of the Action Design, who used to be in Tsunami Bomb and it was a great experience), directors – for example I’d love to make costumes for a movie.
Qe: Where do you create?

V: My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment last June, because the last one was too small because of my sewing machines and sewing notions. Now, I have my own sewing room and it makes a big difference!

Qe:  Where would you like to see your business go in the future?
V: I’d love to get in touch with retail shops. And why not have my own boutique? That would be amazing 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story with us!


worldwide for QUiD readers!


Vivifromage Store

Vivifromage Myspace


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  1. rosieroyalty

    I’ve seen her stuff on Craftster before- awesome clothes, great style!! Interesting to learn more about her! 🙂

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