Into the Looking Glass goes QUiD!


I popped over to Wonderland a few days ago to see Alice when I happened upon some lovely dolls who longed to wear QUiD. Take a peek here at a brand new fashion blog, Paper Doll Life!


Photography by: Rachel Renee



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5 responses to “Into the Looking Glass goes QUiD!

  1. Those images are stunning! I wanted to see more but none of the links work on the Paper Doll blog… bummer!

  2. So cute. Love that story in general…364 “Un-Birthdays” to celebrate! Cannot wait for the Tim Burton version, it will surely be great; and twisted.

    Have a local student artist who painted a pair of slip-op Vans.
    The left is innocent Alice, all yellow and white and baby blue.
    The right is the not so innocent Cheshire cat, all dark camouflage of purple and green and black.

  3. I can’t wait for the tim burton version, either! I love that man!

  4. All the paperdoll pictures are working now!!!

  5. everydaycreate

    Wow great pictures!!

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