The Name Game: Prize Involved!


image via: The Scrappy Shack

So, I’m 2 1/2 days away from my next big craft show. The product is basically done but I’ve yet to decide what to wear. I made a really cute paper bag skirt but now I think I want to make a hand-painted tank. The dilema: what should it say?

That’s good news for you! For the next 24 hours, I’ll be taking submissions for 2-3 word phrases to use on the shirt. Post ’em here, but keep it clean.

THE WINNER of this challenge will receive 1 said tank in the size of your choice along with a special surprise from the QUiD collection! 3-2-1…GO!

a bit like my skirt creation

a bit like my skirt creation



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15 responses to “The Name Game: Prize Involved!

  1. I’M NOT IN

    I love this blog!

  2. How about
    Get Quided!

  3. Cathy

    “QUid” in big letters (such a cool name) and underneath it “a creative fix”

  4. Katie

    “Be yourself” or
    “Just be yourself”

  5. Neat blog! Couldn’t decide between these two!

    “Love it or leave it”

    “Be the guinea pig”

  6. “Time to smile”

  7. I don’t have any ideas for the tank but just wanted to say I love your blog. Lots of inspiration here. Will stop by later.

  8. I never quid. (as in kid around)

  9. Hey Heather!

    What about:

    “QUiD Me”

    “Qe Me” (Like, Question Me)…

  10. com


  11. How about.
    sQUiD with a little squid image next to it!

    had a peek in your shop, wee shoes awwwww 🙂

  12. Jill

    * “Honey, and how!” (i.e. the 1950s expression “and how!”)

    * bo peep

    * knit-1, purl-2

    * knit-1, QUiD-2

    * glorious day

    * heavens

    * heavens

    * whimsy and wit

    that’s all for now :^) have fun & see you guys this wknd!

  13. love your blog. ur choices and designs are fabulous!

  14. I’d like to submit the following:

    Are you Quiding?

    I’ve enjoyed your blog!

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