We’ve had quite the weekend! Our friends, megan and jordan got married on friday (so cute…pics to follow). Then crazy house hunting on saturday. Then last night when we got home, the community hooker (a.k.a. our apartment stray cat), Dirty Harriet, was laying all sick-like on our doormat. Did I mention she’s prego? yeah…

After pulling out a box and a superman sheet (junk store find for such occasions), we got Harriet settled in the old storage/laundry room. This morning, I peeped in on her and saw three extra faces looking out at me. Mama looked up at me like, “where the hula were you?!” Then she laid back to show off the new little ones all black (or gray…it’s dark in there) with tiny white faces. I LOVE baby kitties!

Needless to say, if you know someone who would like a sweet baby kitten, I have a few! You just have to pinky swear you’ll have them spayed or neutered…which is where mama stray is heading after this debacle!

So today, in honor of the new arrivals, enjoy!



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7 responses to “Kittens

  1. Aww, kittens! Lucky!

    Are you setting up at Deluxe this weekend?

  2. unfortunately, no…so much going on right now! I’ll be there wandering around for a bit, though!

  3. Oh man, don’t tempt me! I’m a total sucker for kittens. But we already have two cats that are now officially old ladies and might not welcome a new sweet baby into the mix. I do hope you find great homes for them though. And you’ll have to at least post a pic of them!

  4. I’m a sucker for them, too…they are so incredibly sweet! I will probaby end up being some old crazy cat lady!

  5. Jill

    congratulations on the new arrivals! God is so good, He set the delivery time & location up exactly right, huh? :^) enjoy your houseguests & Godspeed in placing the youngsters in their new homes!

  6. All I can say is KITTENS! 🙂

  7. The girl had been much inspired by kittens.She is extemly creative.:D 😀

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