Look Like an Angel

Of course, by now you know we lost a style icon today. Farrah Fawcett not only possessed the ‘do of the 1970’s, she also looked fab in pretty much anything she put on. So tonight, here’s how you can carry on the legacy of my favorite Angel.


From top left:  Hair Rollers, Unix Electronics; Vintage Jeans, Shop Good Grace; Lipgloss in ‘She’s a Star’, MAC Cosmetics



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4 responses to “Look Like an Angel

  1. Sometimes, we call our little one Farrah b/c she gets these cute wings in her tresses. I guess now all she needs is the lip gloss & denim pants!

  2. I just found an art project I made in the 4th grade, that my Mother, for some odd reason had been holding on to. One of the pages asked, “who would you like to grow up to be”?
    … My answer: “Farrah Fawcett” ala Charlie’s Angels.
    Now, mind you my looks would have been more suited to mirror ‘Kelly’ whom I most admired, but it was Farrah’s image that I thought was expected of me to take.
    That was the strength of her smile, her style, her demeanor, her wake.

  3. So sad to have lost Farrah…. I saw her cancer documentary about a month ago and was so touched by it – I was really hoping for a miracle for her and her family. (especially her sweet, sweet dad.)

    These are perfect picks for recreating the 1970’s Farrah that every little girl wanted to emulate. (At least I wanted to be just like her… even though, like the previous post-er, I mirrored Kelly…)

  4. This is a awesome blog entry. She will be missed!!!

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