Where Are you?

This post is for those who may or may not care. After an uber-busy summer of madness, QUiD is getting her act back together. ‘Tis the season for stocking up on new creations for fall shows, learning new techniques (can anyone out there solder?), getting orders ready to ship, sending product to retail partners, and generally sewing like a mad woman.

In addition to all that, I’m trying to catch up on fall fashion from the runway. I’m a bit of a crazed and organized mad woman when it comes to checking out seasonal ready-to-wear. The alphabetized and notated files and folders on my computer will prove it. Oh, and did I mention I’m putting together some awesomeness for the blog coming soon?

How do you keep it together when life gets crazy?



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2 responses to “Where Are you?

  1. I learned to solder a year ago. Metalworking is fun, and I would have bought my own supplies if I didn’t live in a little apartment.

  2. brigid! where did you learn to solder? You’re full of surprises! 🙂

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