What a lovely weekend

Ever had a weekend that was just great? I just wrapped one up. On saturday, after much stressing out (what can I say, I’m a slight perfectionist) I was a vendor at the first ever Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, OK. Let me start out by saying I often hate doing shows. There’s the stress of getting all your product created, the struggle of setting everything up just so (countering in the fact that Oklahoma wind and weather is a tad bit unpredictable), and finally, the pressure of wanting people to fall in love with what you’ve poured your heart into. Well, I have to say that while I experienced all of the above this weekend, I also fell in love with Norman and it’s people (norman-ites?). What a great crowd! So positive and such fun to chat with! And I don’t think I even got one bit of stink eye (that’s when people make a face at you because they think you’re a crazy artist who has no grip on reality). All in all a wonderful show. I have a few pictures of my amazing boothmate Sam Lamb that I’ll post a bit later.

THEN, to top it off, QUiDvintage was on Etsy’s front page on sunday for the first time!


front page 8-30-09

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One response to “What a lovely weekend

  1. Hi Quid! I never got a chance to speak to you on Saturday, that is the down-side to being a vendor, oh well. I saw your hubby, I did speak to him. Not much stink-eye in Norman, we love cutie-patooties such as yourself!
    We prefer Normanians, I believe…

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