Sunny and Sweet

Here are a few promised pics from the show this weekend!


Samantha Lamb on percussion

QUiD goodness

QUiD goodness



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2 responses to “Sunny and Sweet

  1. Hey again! Commented earlier on one of your other posts..But I have a friend who is really into antique clothing and is from South Korea, and is studying in Santa Barbara. I think she’s really into the same kind of era’s that you are…And I was just wondering if you’re going to post any more pics from the show? She asked if I had any, because I emailed her and told her about your cool booth, but I didn’t take any pics..I’ll be sure and give her your blog link though! Maybe you’ll have a south korean fan now too! haha

  2. That’s fantastic! Unfortunately, I was a bit stingy with my camera last weekend. My website is, though if she would like to check it out. I’ll be posting some of my newer items soon!

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