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From the minute I could read “chapter books”, I fell in love with Nancy Drew. Her clever antics and sleuthing ways keep me on my toes even today. In fact, it was my love for Miss Drew that inspired me to create a new series of posts entitled Look Lit.  Each week we’ll do our best uncover the style of a children’s literature hero. 

 What character’s look would you like to see?

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Magnifying Glass, The Weather Workshop ; Vintage Dress and Jacket, Modcloth; Skirt, Anthropologie; Smith & Corona Typewriter, Finding Fabulous Christian Louboutin Heels, Barneys

Fact About Nancy

The first three Nancy Drew® stories were published on April 28, 1930.

Nancy’s hair color has changed over the years. It was blonde at first. Then in 1957, a printing error on the cover of The Haunted Showboat caused her hair to be titian. Soon after, the books referred to her as titian-haired. It has been described as strawberry blonde too over the years. It has never been brunette in the books.

Nancy was 16 in the original books. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that her age changed to 18 to accommodate driving laws in all states. Nancy has never been in school in the books.



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6 responses to “Look Lit: Iconic Fashion

  1. I love Nancy Drew! Great clothing choices too. I like your new series idea. =D

  2. What a great look! I love that skirt!

  3. Great post! I so love Anthropologie! That store makes me do such awful things to my bank account!;)

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We really appreciate your support!
    ❤ Aire

  5. Cute stuff! And I love the Nancy Drew tidbits!

  6. BC

    I have been looking for Nancy’s style all over the internet because i know the “old school preppy look” is coming out for fall!! Cant wait! Thanks for sharing!

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