Do or Don’t: Peep Toes and Pantyhose

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Cooler weather is just around the corner (hopefully) and with the climate change comes the wardrobe change. Out with the tank tops and in with the sweaters. Hello, knee boots and goodbye, peep-toes, right? One simply cannot go out barelegged in 40 degree temps, so what else is a girl to do other than pack away the open-toed shoes until spring? Everyone knows that stockings are reserved for closed-toed shoes only, right? Since the dawn of time (or somewhere around then) the fashion gods have forbidden us to wear open-toed shoes with any type of hosiery, so surely 2009 will be no different, right? Wrong! Apparently the powers that be have grown tired of seeing the same knee-boot and skirt combo year after year, and frankly, I’ve had my fill as well.  As crazy as it may sound (or even look to some) the infamous fashion faux pas is now the “it look” for the season.  That’s right, you heard me, open-toed shoes for fall…with tights.

Now, take a moment to collect yourself, lift your jaw off the floor and pay attention to the following restrictions before you go traipsing down the street in your white Easter shoes and suntan pantyhose.  It’s not as easy as it sounds and if you don’t do it right you’ll end up looking like you’re trying to score an invite to your Granny’s bridge club. So here’s how to pull it off, if you dare.

First of all, these aren’t just any open-toed shoes. Actually, the open-toe should really be more of a peep-toe. The shoe needs to be a little chunky, not skimpy or strappy, and the heavier the fabric, the better. Suede, wool and flannel are all good choices.

Moving on to the issue of hosiery, let’s just take a moment to clarify the difference between tights and pantyhose. Pantyhose are the staple of every great-grandmother’s wardrobe. In my humble opinion, they were made strictly to disguise any unsightly varicose veins, bruises, age spots or any other imperfections of the leg. So, unless you are a geriatric member of the AARP (or a Hooter’s waitress), there is no need. Tights, on the other hand, can be a fabulous accessory when paired with the right shoes. The tights you want for this look are a dark color and very opaque. In addition, textured tights can really break up the monotony of an all black ensemble.

This look actually made its runway debut last season, but sometimes it takes a full year for a new runway trend to translate into everyday life.  Keep in mind that some people have no tolerance for breaking old, outdated fashion dos and don’ts. So prepare yourself for some raised eyebrows from those who aren’t aware of the new trends, which, let’s face it, is practically everyone. I say ignore the naysayers and strut your style savvy stuff. If anyone gives you slack about your fab new look, tell them to check out QUiDessential and I’ll set them straight. Or if you, yourself, are one of the eyebrow-raisers who simply cannot get on board with this look, don’t worry; it’s a definite fad that will probably be long gone by this time next year.

~ Courtney

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4 responses to “Do or Don’t: Peep Toes and Pantyhose

  1. paul

    I don’t understand why pantyhose are being thrown under the bus. I think women would look so much better in a good pair or nude or suntan Pantyhose and nice shoes than Black tights. I think black tights are for school girls.

  2. Good job, Courtney! I love your sassiness when you write! This was well researched, well crafted and well said. Well done!

  3. rebeca

    i think tights and pepe-toe shoes do look good if you know how to work them out i even wore them myself and ppl do look at me like what’s wrong but i mean i think everybody i fashionable if you feel comfortable on what your wearing than it’s all rite.

  4. Thomas

    After a summer of watching women in short skirts I have to agree with Paul. Women’s legs look better in nude or tan hose. In any shoes, also open-toed.

    Besides, bare feet in shoes are disgusting.

    So if you’re over 16, the following apply:

    If you want to look natural, go bare-legged;
    if you want to look good, wear sheer nylons.

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