Street Trend: The Fanny Pack

The street style movement has hit full force along with its quirky and sometimes questionable trends. For the most part I’m on board, but here’s one look I just can’t make up my mind on. You’ve probably not seen any sane (or even remotely en vogue) human wearing a fanny pack since at least 1996. And if you have, I can almost guarantee they were sporting it along with khaki shorts and a bowling shirt in high pursuit of Mickey Mouse.

The fact is, however, the fanny pack may be making is fashionable return to society. We’ve seen it on the runway mix by designers like Gucci, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs in understated chic prints for spring. There are several handmade hipsters jumping in on the zipper pouch trend with great finesse.

So tell me, Fanny Packs: Wear ‘em or no?

fanny pack

Sage Hip Pocket, Jenny N Design; Plaid Cargobelt, Utility Wear; Whiteout Fanny Pack, Junkprints; Army Green Hipshack, May Tree Ark; Fancypack, Carrotcake



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4 responses to “Street Trend: The Fanny Pack

  1. Courtney

    Heavens no!! The mere thought of a fanny pack makes me feel like a dork! If I cannot take a purse somewhere, I’ll use my pockets, and if something doesn’t fit in my pocket, it’s not coming with me!

  2. I just don’t think I could do it. For one thing, I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to haul around. It just won’t all fit in an itty bitty fanny pack! LOL!

  3. Ooh, I would rock the crap out of that fancypack!

  4. Martine

    Nothing better then a great dress in a color that shows off your tan, a pair of Keds, or even Converse, and a fanny pack. Girls look sexy that way. There are lots of cute ones, and i see great outfits with them all the time. They may have been dorky back in the 70’s or whenever, but now they are very great and totally comfortable and sensible. Everyone on my campus likes them.

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