Coat Countdown: Best in Class

Today I’m sharing a few of the “best of” finds I’ve found on my coat quest. I remember when I was little, my favorite coat was pink down with white “rabbit” fur trim. Apparently, I’ve always been a coat diva! 🙂

What is your best-of-all-times coat?



Casual Plaid, GUESS?; Dress Coat, Topshop; Ruffled Trench, L.A.M.B.



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2 responses to “Coat Countdown: Best in Class

  1. I could own a closet full of coats!

  2. Courtney

    I like the military style! I’ve already bought 2 coats this year. That makes a total of 9 in my closet. Eek.
    BTW, you might want to tell you mom that you wrote this blog! My mom called me today and said “Did you post a blog about coats? Beth was telling me how great the blog was and how she loved the coats that you used as examples.” Ha!

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