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Artist Faves: Belli Uccelli

When choosing our next featured artist, I was strangely attracted to Belli Uccelli’s fabulous illustrations. Why strangely? Well, you see, I am fiercely afraid of the feathered species and the darling Emelia draws – you guessed it – BIRDS! So cudos to today’s featured artist for helping me conquer my fears (on paper, at least)!

Meet Emelia

I’m Emelia and I have been completely enthralled with birds and nature for as long as I can remember. I put a lot of thought and love into each bird that I create, drawing each one by hand and giving them their own personality and character. I get extremely excited when I see a bird fly by (everyone makes fun of me!) and a million ideas for new illustrations flash through my head, leading to a drawer full of bird doodles! I was inspired by my Baba (grandmother), who was a book illustrator and water color painter to pursue my passion and after working as a glass blower for ten years I finally did! Other than illustrating and enjoying nature I am an avid photographer, old cemetery enthusiast, treasure hunter, maker of lists and lover of chocolate!

Emelia’s Etsy Faves

emelia shows us her favorite etsy shops

Flower Wall Decal, Hjrd Design; Owl Print, Wing and Willow; Pin Cushion and Necklace, Elin Art; Rubber Stamp, Nora Jane; Flowers, The Joy of Color

Other Web Haunts




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Onward and Upward: The Bra Bulge

Last week, we discussed the finer points of finding the right pair of jeans. Today, we’re moving on up!

The dreaded bra bulge is another common problem caused by wearing a certain article of clothing that simply doesn’t fit. The bra bulge, back fat, and double-boob are all unflattering consequences of wearing a bra that is just too small. Most women cannot fathom that they don’t really know their own bra size, but if you look in the mirror and you are sagging, you have back fat or armpit fat, or you are popping out of the top – guess what – you are either wearing the wrong size or style of bra. A girl wearing a B cup does not need a full-coverage bra just as a DD girl doesn’t need an unlined, wireless, demi bra.

Fortunately there’s a quick and easy solution to finding your perfect fit. Victoria’s Secret offers free bra fittings that pinpoint your exact size and can also help you find which style works best for you.

In most cases, with any article of clothing, you get what you pay for. A $9 Wal-Mart bra is just not going to give you what a $48 Victoria’s Secret bra can. It’s always a good idea to look for sales, but do not fall into the Sale Trap! Never buy anything just because it’s cheap. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t need it even if they give it to you.

Above all, just remember that so many body flaws can be perfectly camouflaged by simply wearing clothes that fit. Look in the 3 way mirror, check for rolls or any other unflattering bulges, and if all else fails, buy some Spanx!

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I am beyond excited! I’ve been a Modcloth Stalker for some time now. My wishlist is packed with goodness I’m waiting on a fairy god-mother to magically bring me. But wait just a minute…I have forgotten Christmas money! And it gets even better. Modcloth is having a massive can’t-beat-it-with-a-stick kind of sale. Oh, what a lucky duck I am!

Reminder Ring in Tweety

Ready For My Close-Up Coat

The Teela Bangle

Boboli Gardens Dress in Grotto

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Artist Faves: ShabbyChic72

ShabbyChic's Banner

T oday we’re going to take a peek into the world of Kerri, proprietress of ShabbyChic72; a beautiful etsy shop full of vintage goodies. If you’re a fan of all things vintage like me, be sure to click on every single one of Kerri’s faves – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

About Kerri:
“I am a treasure hunting, thrift shop seeking wife and stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. I have always had a passion for vintage and I really try to make an effort at being eco-friendly. I can’t think of a better way to reduce, reuse and recycle than to go vintage!”

Hat, Nikita Jade; Dress, Nod to Mod Vintage; Girl Figurine, le Vintage Maison; Hair Barrette, Tied Up Memories; Shoes, Mayco


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The Skinny: On Jeans

 When you’re shopping for new clothes, there are a few deciding factors that lead you to finding that perfect outfit, right? Brand, style, color, fabric, price tag, etc. are all very important in their own right, but none of them hold the make-it-or-break-it power of the FIT!

Jeans are the most common culprit when it comes to ill-fitting clothing. A lot of times the problem is that women want to wear what’s in style or keep with the current trends, without any thought of how that particular style looks on her body type. It’s a sad thing when a pair of $300 True Religion jeans create a muffin-top that catches more attention than the jeans themselves.  Is it a crime to have a couple extra lb’s stored in the ol’ midsection? Of course not. Is it a crime for those extra lb’s to be allowed to hang freely over a pair of too-small, super-low-rise jeans? Yes.Yes it is.

Luckily there are so many styles of jeans on the market that any woman of any shape or size should be able to find a flattering pair. It just takes a little work. The key is trying on different brands, styles and sizes to figure out what looks best on you. It’s all about hiding the flaws and accentuating your best parts.

Aside from ensuring that the clothes themselves are actually the right size, there are a few tricks to creating an illusion of a more proportioned body.

Large Hips: Wide-leg or slightly flared jeans will balance out the lower half and will draw some attention away from the hip area. Skinny jeans are definitely a no-no for a hippy girl!

Tummy Pooch: If you have to worry about tucking your roll back into your jeans every time you sit down, you are in need of a higher-waisted pair of jeans. Yes, low-rise is the most popular style today, but luckily many of the shirts on the rack right now are long enough that the top of your jeans shouldn’t show anyway.

Big Booty: A slightly higher waist is also best for large derrière. Not only will a higher waist help play down the too-much-junk in your trunk; it also protects onlookers from getting an eyeful of plumbers crack. (P.S. It doesn’t matter how bootylicious your booty may be, crack is always bad.)

Tiny Hiney: Obviously the polar opposite of the above body issue, Tiny Hiney is a condition that is best treated with low rise, snug fitting jeans. Anything high-waisted will leave you looking like you have mom-butt and anything “boyfriend” style or loose fitting will leave you with no hiney to speak of.

Once you are dedicated to finding the perfect pair of jeans, it will become easier to know where to shop and what to look for. For instance, a thin, straight bodied girl will have no luck shopping at New York & Co. Their clothes run big and are made for more of a shapely, womanly body. On the same note, a curvy girl will have a hard time trying to squeeze into Hollister jeans. They are the epitome of a “juniors” fit.

Above all, just remember that so many body flaws can be perfectly camouflaged by simply wearing clothes that fit. Look in the 3 way mirror, check for rolls or any other unflattering bulges, and if all else fails, buy some Spanx!


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Studio Envy

Browsing through the Etsy Open Studios pool on flickr. I’m positively drooling over these workspaces! One day, dear friend, you will be jealous of ME

cleaned, sorted... by dottie angel.

Dee's Loft by AJ Photography: My Live Work Studio by Dee Adams.



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Artist Faves: Artsy Craftsy

artsycraftsy header

I’m thrilled to be starting the new year off with a brand new installment of etsy faves. Today, we’re getting the skinny from Jessie Callahan of Artsy Craftsy.

Jessie is a self-described small town girl with a big heart and big dreams. Family, friends (of the human and puppy variety), and craft time are just a few things that make her giddy. Jessie loves pretty decorative paper, acrylics, resin, and anything pink n’ shiny. I think you’re going to love her faves!

 Jessie’s Etsy Picks

Juicy Print, emcee; Scrabble Rings, Steppie; Junk Bag, Junk Prints; Cake Stand Necklace, Sugar Rain Drops; Yellow Heart Necklace, Jewelry Vixen


 Jessie’s Most Visited Links


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