Artist Faves: Belli Uccelli

When choosing our next featured artist, I was strangely attracted to Belli Uccelli’s fabulous illustrations. Why strangely? Well, you see, I am fiercely afraid of the feathered species and the darling Emelia draws – you guessed it – BIRDS! So cudos to today’s featured artist for helping me conquer my fears (on paper, at least)!

Meet Emelia

I’m Emelia and I have been completely enthralled with birds and nature for as long as I can remember. I put a lot of thought and love into each bird that I create, drawing each one by hand and giving them their own personality and character. I get extremely excited when I see a bird fly by (everyone makes fun of me!) and a million ideas for new illustrations flash through my head, leading to a drawer full of bird doodles! I was inspired by my Baba (grandmother), who was a book illustrator and water color painter to pursue my passion and after working as a glass blower for ten years I finally did! Other than illustrating and enjoying nature I am an avid photographer, old cemetery enthusiast, treasure hunter, maker of lists and lover of chocolate!

Emelia’s Etsy Faves

emelia shows us her favorite etsy shops

Flower Wall Decal, Hjrd Design; Owl Print, Wing and Willow; Pin Cushion and Necklace, Elin Art; Rubber Stamp, Nora Jane; Flowers, The Joy of Color

Other Web Haunts




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6 responses to “Artist Faves: Belli Uccelli

  1. I’m a fans of Emelia’s birds illustrator,
    I think they are so beutiful, gives the essence of every bird while being also
    very decorative. Thank you both Emelia and Heather for featuring my
    flowers. And good luck to you 2 in Etsy

  2. Emelia’s illustrations are exquisite, lovely to feature her X

  3. Thank you so, so much for featuring my work on your beautiful blog! I am truly thrilled!!! xoxo

  4. beautiful!
    I especialy love the colors in the joz of color flowers!

  5. I love The Joy Of Color beautiful decorative flowers.

  6. Great post so colorful! Realy fun items! I love Yael Berger’s work!

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