Look Lit: Anne of Green Gables

A longstanding tradition among the girls in my family is to pop a bag of popcorn on a cold rainy night, put on our pj’s and grab our VHS copy of “Anne of Green Gables” (the Kevin Sullivan version). Yes, I said VHS. Meaning we have to drag out the VCR and remember how to work it. For those who don’t understand my old school terminology, do forgive me!

Anne (with an “e”) endlessly inspired me with her carrot-red hair and her sharp-witted tongue. Not to mention her passion for puffed sleeves and tragic poetry. Now that was a girl I could be “bosom friends” with!

Anne of Green Gables Inspiration

Cashmere Cuff, Stacy Leigh Atelier; Plaid Skirt, Dear Golden; Vintage Rose Tshirt, Designed Threads; Bloomies, Gypsy Junction; Assemblage Necklace, Morticia Snow; Shrug, Holly Stalder; Ivory Cutout Booties, Free People; Silver Collar, Crutch

Anne of Green Gables screen capanne of avonlea screen capAnne of Green Gables InspirationShirt Collar, Jared Gold; Plaid Vest, Retro Labs; Train Case, Willow Creek Sparrow; Trinket Box, Sweetheart Sinner; Lace Up Boot, Modcloth; Mini Straw hat, Modcloth; Plaid Romper, Cowgirl Heaven

Take the Anne of Green Gables Quiz to see how much you know about the world of Miss Shirley! Oh! And take a peek here for more Prince Edward Island goodness.



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7 responses to “Look Lit: Anne of Green Gables

  1. My fave childhood characters are deux: Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – I used to pretend that a tornado was coming! And Nancy Drew – though neither of them are style icons for me. Nancy was in the books – I had this great Audrey Hepburn meets Sherlock Holmes vibe for her clothes, but the movie just made her seem frumpy ; ( Spa wishes, Candy

  2. I could live in ..
    The bloomies
    the booties,
    the collar and the shrug.

  3. Leslieann

    This is my favorite post ever!!! You know how I love Anne of Green Gables. I made a 100 on the Quiz. Love ya,


  4. I made a 100 too! We’re true fans, I suppose! 🙂

  5. I LOVE Anne!!! I have read all the books several times. And I too own the VHS movies. Two of my college roomies and I started a tradition of watching those every year together. Prince Edward Island is on my list of places I must go before I die.

    Now I’m off to take the quiz….

  6. sewinggranny Mona

    I love Anne too and I live in her Province!! Emily, you would love it here…summer is gorgeous and the winters are not too bad either!

  7. Mona and Emily – I actually searched flights to PEI last week…I’ve always dreamed of riding a bike down “The Way of Delight”!

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