Over the Moon

Ever since I saw it on the runway, I’ve wanted to give this romantic vintage-inspired mani a try. After scouring my shelves for just the right tools, the oh-so-right-now half-moon look is mine!

Tips for getting this look:

1. Apply base coat. Wait at least 20 minutes for nails to dry (very important).

If you’re trying this for the first time, I recommend using a lighter colored base coat (I used OPI in Makes Men Blush)

2. Place rounded sticker along base of nail, about 1/3 of the way up.

I used the rounded edge of a mailing label…it’s what I had on hand! Something like those little paper punch reinforcers or price tag dots would probably work a bit better.

3. Paint uncovered portion of nail with coordinating color.

I used Ulta in Ruby Slipper.

4. Peel sticker from nail.

I suggest NOT waiting for nail to dry before CAREFULLY removing sticker…this will help prevent any weird smudges or “stringy” polish.

5. Let Nails dry completely, then apply a top coat.

A top coat will work wonders in smoothing over any imperfections besides making all your painstaking work last longer! I used OPI Start to Finish (original formula)

my half moon manimy half moon mani


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