Friday’s Wardrobe

Today I’m positively pooped. Weeks of terrible sleeping habits are catching up, me thinks! Since the circles under my eyes wouldn’t budge I was ecstatic to run across this makeup tutorial channeling the oh-so-broken Marla Singer (a.k.a Helena Bonham Carter in “Fight Club”). The chick in the tutorial vid has such a lovely eyebrow arch. Ahhh….the things that make me jealous!

helena bonham carter in Fight Club

what i wore

Cardigan, New York & Co.; Tunic, Urban Outfitters; Jeans, Unknown; Necklace, A gift (I believe it’s from Target)



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5 responses to “Friday’s Wardrobe

  1. I’m loving the red hair! So pretty!

  2. You look great with red hair! I love that tunic, too.

  3. I love the whole look. The hair, the outfit, the accessories. =)

  4. Thanks Christina! It’s good to see you around the blog today! 🙂

  5. You have such pretty eyes (and love the red hair, too).

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