On Spot with the Polka Dot

Polka Dots have been making a comeback for the past several seasons, but there’s no time like springtime to enjoy a good dosage of spots and dots.

Here are a few celebs getting snapped in the ladylike print.

Pretty Polka Dots 1

The trend on the runway seems to be to pair Polka Dots with classic feminine silhouettes and colors.
Etro, Kinder, Aggugini, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Luella
Tips for Wearing Polka Dots

1. Anyone can wear them, it’s just a matter of proportion. Curvier girls should opt for a larger dots and a more monochromatic palette to compliment rather than point out flaws. Fuller skirts and dresses in medium prints are perfect for adding volume to boyish figures.
2. Pair polka dots with solids for an understated effect.
3. Grab a girlie accessory! Nothing works better with this retro pattern than a ruffled bag or hair bow. Work that feminine charm!
Pretty Polka Dots 2
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3 responses to “On Spot with the Polka Dot

  1. I just love anything polka dotted! That forever 21 skirt is adorable, and so is that bathing suit.

  2. So glad these are making a comeback! Now I can get out my polka dots again!

  3. polkadotglam

    If you love polkadots, check out my blog! Polka dots are timeless!


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