Nail Fun

I got a new Sally Hansen paint pen this weekend and wanted to give it a shot. I’m definitely not a pro, but it sure is fun!

nail art

nail art

Polishes Used:

(Top Pic) Sephora by OPI in Don’t go there, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black, NYC white (reeaallllyy old)

(Bottom Pic) OPI in Makes Men Blush, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black, Sephora by OPI in Dark Room

Side note: While these little pens are great for striping and dotting, they are NOT good to paint a large portion of nail. I tried to use it to paint my black tips (in the bottom pic) with zero success.



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3 responses to “Nail Fun

  1. Courtney

    Wow! Great job! I love the pink w/the black polkadots!

  2. aww…thanks Courtney! They’re a mess now…I’ve been sewing away for a show and have destroyed them! I just got this fabulous teal color that I can’t wait to try, though.

  3. kitchybutt

    you have hyperlinear palms like me! do you have icthyosis vulgaris? i often ditch putting onnail color so people won’t notice my palms. but ur braver and the color looks good on you! 🙂

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