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Nail How To: Leopard Spots

I’m not a massive fan of animal print, but something about this design made me happy.

To get this look:

1. Give your nails a once over coat with a gold polish (really, any color would work fine). I used O.P.I. in Golden Rules!

2. Take a toothpick or tiny paint brush and make little squiggles on your nails in black polish. The idea is to create the circular shape of a leopard spot. I don’t own a black varnish so I used Sephora by O.P.I. in Dark Room. You could also use a nail art pen.

3. Take a brownish color like You Don’t Know Jaques (O.P.I. again) and make little dots inside your squiggly circles. Tip: Use a dotting tool or toothpick to keep these from getting out of hand!

Voila! You’ve just given yourself a wild and summery manicure!



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How to: The Knitting Clutch

 I’m officially obsessed with knitting. There’s nothing like turning a length of soft and pretty yarn into something you can wear. I’m slowly accumulating quite the repertoire of needles and other accoutrements. To my dismay, the cat loves the tools of my new trade. In an effort to deter him, I’ve created a knitting clutch for my purly goodness. So, here’s my first attempt at a crafty how-to for you. Let me know what you think! I’d love to see photos if you use my instructions! Oh, and how do YOU store your knits and needles?
A cute little case!

A cute little case!



Clutch Instructions


1.       Measure down 3” from top left edge of lining. Using pencil or marker, mark a small dot here (dot one). (fig. 1a)

2.       Measure in 2” on left side of lining. Make a 2nd small dot here. (fig. 1b)



Fig. 1a & 1b


3.       Pin wrong side of purple felt to right side of lining, beginning from 2nd dot. Pin three sides leaving the top of felt open (forming a pocket). (fig. 2)


Fig. 2

Fig. 2




4.       Measure 3” from top right hand corner of purple felt. Mark a 3rd small dot. (fig. 3)


Fig. 3

Fig. 3


5.       Pin wrong side of green felt to right side of lining, beginning at 3rd dot. Pin three sides leaving the top of felt open (forming a pocket). (fig. 3)

6.       Measure 3” from top right hand corner of green felt. Mark a 4th small dot.

7.       Pin wrong side of teal felt to right side of lining, beginning at 4th dot. Pin three sides leaving top side open (forming a pocket). (fig. 4)


Fig. 4

Fig. 4


8.       Measure 1” up from teal pocket and pin all four sides of second teal felt piece. (fig. 4)


9.       On  Purple Pocket, measure in 1 inch from left side and mark with a marker or hold spot with a straight pin. Repeat this every inch across felt. Repeat on second piece of 5×8” felt. (fig. 5)


Fig. 5

Fig. 5


10.   Sew along all pinned lines leaving using half-inch ( ½”) seam allowances.


11.   Pin lining and large gray felt piece right sides together.


12.   Sew fabric together, leaving a half-inch ( ½”) seam allowance. Leave a 3” opening along bottom right.


13.   Trim and iron seams.


14.   Turn fabric right sides out. Iron.


15.   Sew up opening along bottom right. (fig. 6)


Fig. 6

Fig. 6

16.   On lining, measure 8 inches from left edge. Mark a vertical line with straight pins. (fig. 7a)

17.   Measure 8 inches from pins and mark another line with pins. (fig. 7b)

Fig. 7a & 7b

Fig. 7a & 7b

18.   Sew from top to bottom along vertical pin lines.

19.   On gray felt side of the smallest section (a.k.a. the flap of clutch), pin length of boucle yarn along edges. (fig. 8)

Fig. 8

Figure 8

20.   Using zig-zag stitch, sew over the top of yarn around edges. Trim off any remaining yarn. (fig. 9)

Fig. 9

Fig. 9

21.   Sew snap into clutch.


Enjoy your delightful new clutch!





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Black Friday: Be Prepared.

black-friday-spreeOkay, we’re less than 36 hours away from go time. Only one stop in turkey-ville left before it’s off to hit as many stores as you can possibly get to in one day. Here are a few major tricks to making your black friday a massive success.

1.       Make a List. If you haven’t done this already – stop. Make a list of everyone you’re buying for this Christmas. This step will save you from entering the “how many aunts do I have again?” phase. Put the big item or must-get-this people at the top of your list so you don’t get caught with 40 scarves and no Wii for little Freddy!  Also, if you have a Christmas get-together early in December, you may want to think about getting those items early on as well.


2.       Get one of those coupon holder books or a binder. This can hold your main shopping list, store circulars, coupons, kid sweater sizes, all the info you’ll need. If you get a binder and are into the whole hyper-organizational thing, you could put tabs in and alphabetize. Whatever floats your boat.


3.       Research. Compare circular ads with online ads and find out if stores will price match. You might also make yourself a list of store hours. This can save you hours and may even allow you to “sleep in” until 6 or 7am. Unless you’re like me, that is, and just get out to watch the crazies!


4.       Strategize. Once you are armed with knowledge, map out your strategy. If there is something you MUST have, place that at the top of your agenda and then map things out around that. My advice: if the doorbuster deal isn’t crucial, skip it and go get coffee (or head to the other things on your list)!


5.       Buy Local. Buy Handmade. My favorite gifts have often been really cool artisan pieces or things that only come from a certain city/region. Plus, you’re giving the local economy a big boost. And you’re helping take care of a starving artist (like me)!


6.       Finally, Relax. I swear to you that it will not be the end of the world if you miss out on that mega-super-early bird-special. Have fun and laugh at the crowds if you must. Remember what Mrs. Reeves taught you in pre-school: Don’t shove or cut. It only makes people want to hurt you. Go ahead and spread a little Christmas cheer while you’re out there.




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How to make a box (and other crafty nightmares)

It’s no secret that I’ve been wracking (or is it “racking”) my brain trying to come up with a fantabulous giveaway for the art show I’m doing in November. Not to give anything away, but I’ve come up with a rockin’ idea. First, I had to learn how to make a box out of recycled paper (you’re welcome, mother earth). In the back closet of my mind, I knew I had seen someone, somewhere do this. Well, I finally found the how to video here.  

Two days and six swolen fingers later, I had the cutest little boxes in which to place my lovely suprise!

my little horrors!
my little horrors!

so cute!

Oh…and you can apparently use either “wracking” or “racking” according to Who knew?


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