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Cute as a Cactus

Whew. What a week. The boy and I left a week ago Saturday and flew to Burbank, CA (yay!). After a fabulous few days with friends we tracked down a rental car and headed off to Tehachapi (it’s okay,  I didn’t know where it was either!) to help my mother-in-law sort through a bunch of storage. After a lot of dust, about 200 boxes and some good fun, we loaded up a truck, trailer and SUV and started the trek back to Oklahoma. Thus my extended absence.

We had such a good time traveling through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The boy even agreed to make a detour to the Grand Canyon! I’ll have a ton of pictures to show you later on but I wanted to share with you my latest obsession – a.k.a. the succulent.

By absolutely no means do I have a green thumb. I scorched an herb garden when I was 7 and that’s about the extent of my gardening skills (although I did grow a pretty mean bean sprout in kindergarten and some tasty baby carrots in junior high). I love flowers but never think to grow them. Particularly since I’ve lived in an apartment for over 10 years!

While traveling through the desert  I became somewhat captivated by all things cactus, however. And to top it off, there is so much Native pottery that it looks just stunning in. I wanted a cactus (I later realized I actually wanted a succulent, but you get my point). And then to my dismay, there wasn’t one to be found! We stopped at every trading post and souvenir shop along Route 66 seeking out the perfect little guy to no avail! I finally found one at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX but just hated its “made in china” pot.

So here I am, sitting at home cacti-free and wishing I had one of these.

cactus inspiration



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I Heart: Skirts

Unless you’re just in love with the jeans and a t-shirt look, I’ve decided that the awkward period between summer and fall can be an absolute fashion nightmare. Particularly when the humid summer heat seems to drag on endlessly. My solution for the perfect transition piece: the skirt. You can layer it up with a cardi or jacket and cool it down with a simple tank or tee. Plus, it pairs brilliantly with tights and leggings, boots or a simple ballet flat. Here’s to the skirt!

 skirts copy


Eugenia Mini, Anthropologie; Free People Ribbon Mini, Free People; Vintage Print Mini, Renouveau Clothing; SoCa St. John Pleated Black Skirt, Nordstrom; Leifsdottir Gray a-line Skirt, Nordstrom


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I heart: Pattern!

Wow. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. hmmm….summer seems to be getting away with me. I am beginning to work on the specifics of the fall line so color and pattern have been taking over my world. Here is a bit of inspiration for you.

pattern copy


What are your favorite colors and patterns?

From top left: Rug, The Rug Company; Fabric, Free Spirit Fabrics; Ruffle Dress, Pixie Market; Sundress, Marimekko; Wallpaper, Trove


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A Total Spectacle

When I was a girl of about 8, my grandmother decided I needed to go to the eyedoctor. Unlike most children, I couldn’t have been happier. I was absolutely terrified that my eyes would be perfect, so on the 2 hour drive there, I did some major staring at the sun. It worked. Several years, and more than a few pairs of eyeglasses later, I curse the fact that I can’t see my clock when I wake up in the morning. My poor eyesight, however, has led me on the quest for a stunning pair of spectacles. Here are a few of my current crushes. If only I could have a new pair for every day of the week!

Images Via


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I heart: Cowboy Boots!

I’m a Texas girl at heart. So it should come as no surprise that I can’t remember a time when cowboy boots haven’t graced my closet. In style or out, I don’t care, I just love ’em! How do you feel about cowboy boots?

these boots rock!

these boots rock!


From left: Sunburst Pattern Boot, QUiD vintage; Camel Boot, JessJamesJake; White boot, Dewberry Vintage

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I Heart Betsey

I’m on a Betsey Johnson kick. She’s bold and bright and daring. The Spring ’09 line inspires ideas for a short film: Hello Dolly Goes to the Circus. Most find her a bit ostentatious, and to them I say, “isn’t that the point”?

Here is my tribute to the colorful side of life.


1: BJ Runway Designs,; 2: Rosebud Drop earrings, BJ’s Online Shop; 3: Bowler Hat, by Hats in the Belfry; 4: BJ Vintage Top, BJOnline; 5: Runway Look,; 6: AK Black Flats, piperlime


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