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Renegade Design

jimmie martin collageOh! Dear Sirs, I’m afraid you’ve made me blush!

 Furniture by Jimmie Martin Ltd



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Hello, Guest.

We’re on the search for a home these days. I haven’t lived in a “real” house for 10 years now. While apartment life has it’s perks, I’ve officially outgrown our space. Running a business out of your living room isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! The house hunt has lead to some pretty interesting places, to say the least! I look forward to the day when guests can come and stay in a room like one of these, however. Here’s to pretty homes!







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Crochet in Bloom

After my post yesterday, I ran across these delicious designs by suili. What a fun way to keep the blossoms around all year!

amazing little detail!

amazing little detail!


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Baby Bon Bon

I am now fully convinced that inspiration can come from anywhere. I mean anywhere. While standing in the checkout lane of the local Garden Ridge with my mom, my eye was captured by a plastic tub filled with discount bon bons of the most delightful colors.

Now, I’m definately not the type who gets excited or even thinks about babies, but these colors simply begged me to explore childhood fancy. Take a peek at this neopolotan-inspired world I’ve crafted just for you (or your little one).
bon bon room

Featured clockwise from top left: 1. Joan Theodore print at ttgart; 2. Raspberry Cream Cake Baby Satchel at Posh Tots; 3. Bratt Decor Cradle, Baby Box; 4. Cotswold Chair, Anthropologie; 5. Fruiteria Lamp, Anthropologie; 6. Crown Coconut Bon Bons, Crown Candy.

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Inspiration Board

I’m not sure what’s going on. I just ate a bowl of tomato soup. I hate tomato soup. Plus, I am in serious need of inspiration. Maybe it’s all the crafting madness going on in my living room right now, but these subtle colors just hit the spot today.

Clockwise from top left, Bird Mug, Ashes and Milk; Wall Decal, Single Stone Studio; Print, Anne Julie; Necklace, Our Lunar Eclipse; Wool Roving, Silver Sun Alpacas; Porcelain Numbers, Ralph Nuara.


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Allergies + Tea = Warm and Sneezy

Today, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Right now, all I can think of is catching a nap. In reality, I’m supposed to be cross stitching some new belt buckles. Oh well…here is my wish list for today!

My Sick-Day Favorites!

My Sick-Day Favorites!

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Live Like the Von Furstenbergs

One of my favorite looks from the DVF Fall 08 line is this fantastic monochrome cabernet number. I can just picture myself sitting in this living room eating chocolates and sipping a mocha…

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