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freebie: belle and boo print

the lovely mandy at belle and boo has this lovely print available to download. I was so excited I just had to share! Be sure to visit her blog and shop…I’m sure you’ll fall in love as hard as I have.

sugary sweet, no?

sugary sweet, no?



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tidbits of awesomeness

For those of you who live in the LA area, I’m terribly jealous. Urban Outfitters has opened what they’re calling a “retail experiment”. Featuring local fashion designers, artists and musicians this space seems like an indie fashionista’s dream…


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Over the Weekend: Diffraction

over the weekend

What do you get when you mix fine art photography with a dash of funky and garnish it with loads of style?  This week’s Qe “it girl”, of course! Beth Cummings of Diffraction jewelry explains what a typical weekend looks like for her. Get ready to fall in love!


QUiD: Describe your most memorable weekend for us.

Beth: Recently my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary and he planned the most amazing weekend for the two of us and it was all a complete surprise! (which is pretty incredible since he is incapable of keeping a secret) He and I both love taking road trips, just taking off and seeing new places in a slower more intimate way. So, we drove to Milwaukee and visited the art museum there which was having this AMAZING interactive art exhibit and we stayed in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast on a sustainable farm. Just a wonderful romantic weekend!

Qe: What is your favorite thing about the weekends?

Beth: Sleep! I love sleeping in and waking up with no agenda and no where I HAVE to go. Just lazing around in bed with my husband and then making pancakes or waffles or something. It’s the best time to rejuvenate! And in Chicago there are always a million different street festivals and events that are completely free to take in and wander through.

Qe: What do you do creatively over the weekend?
Beth: The weekend tends to be the time I most often take the photographs that then eventually appear in my jewelry. Whether on a roadtrip or just running around town I always carry along my camera, you never know what great shot you might see!

Qe: Where is your favorite place to go/shop on the weekends?
Beth: Well, if there is a craft fair I’m there! I love shopping handmade and seeing all the new and creative items artists are coming up with. It’s great meeting and talking with the people who make the products you love and seeing the time and dedication and creativity that go into them just by talking with them about their passions.

Qe: What/where do you like to eat on weekends?
Beth: Two guilty pleasures that only happen on the weekends. One, Kitch’n on Roscoe, it’s this AMAZING retro dinner with fantastically modern takes on traditional breakfast. I’m physically unable to pass up their Crab Cakes Benedict with spicy Cornbread hash. It’s to die for. (My husband loves their cult hit Fried Chicken and Waffles with an ancho honey bbq sauce) Two, Hot Doug’s, this addictive gourmet hot dog place with crazy combinations and duck fat french fries. Eat there, your life will change.

Qe: What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?
Beth: A few years back we decided to take a roadside attractions roadtrip around Illinois and Wisconsin. We saw a lot of really strange things and above all my favorites were the Robot Museum in the Wisconsin Dells and the giant pink elephant wearing glasses sculpture that is featured in some of my jewelry. I just love seeing all the weird attractions like the Largest Ball of Twine or Circus Museum. It’s such a rich collection of offbeat Americana.

Qe: Tell us a bit about your wares.

Beth:  I started Diffraction in May 2008 as a way to combine my fine art photography with jewelry in order to share it in a smaller more accessible way. The images are printed directly on a thick plastic and hand cut and shaped. I take pride in the intricate cutouts featured in some of the fruit and leaf pieces. I create all my pieces in my home studio in Chicago. It’s the perfect little space!


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Baby Bon Bon

I am now fully convinced that inspiration can come from anywhere. I mean anywhere. While standing in the checkout lane of the local Garden Ridge with my mom, my eye was captured by a plastic tub filled with discount bon bons of the most delightful colors.

Now, I’m definately not the type who gets excited or even thinks about babies, but these colors simply begged me to explore childhood fancy. Take a peek at this neopolotan-inspired world I’ve crafted just for you (or your little one).
bon bon room

Featured clockwise from top left: 1. Joan Theodore print at ttgart; 2. Raspberry Cream Cake Baby Satchel at Posh Tots; 3. Bratt Decor Cradle, Baby Box; 4. Cotswold Chair, Anthropologie; 5. Fruiteria Lamp, Anthropologie; 6. Crown Coconut Bon Bons, Crown Candy.

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Unbelievable! It has been much too long since my little fingers have tapped out even a teeny note to you all! Please forgive my very justifiable discrepancy. The show is over, quite literally, and life is slipping back into something somewhat akin to normalcy. I couldn’t be more delighted.
To celebrate what can only be considered a scrumptious wonderland of an art show, here is a handful of eye candy from the event. If only I hadn’t forgotten my camera during the show itself!

a world of wonder
necklace cabinet

necklace cabinet

baubles n things

baubles n things


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Call to the artsy and craftsy

Do you have a great craft or artistic talent you’d like to share with QUiDessential readers? Run an online shop with your artsy goodness in it? We’re always searching around for fantastic people to feature here on the blog! Send us a comment today with a link to your wares and Qe will be happy to check it out! Can’t wait to meet you!


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check it out!

     They finally have the 2008 Girlies posted online! I’m the last one on the list…at least I’m not lost in the middle somewhere!


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