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Bookish: the gift of the printed page

Maybe it’s the season but I can’t seem to get my fill of books lately. It’s no secret I love to read, but I’ve got my nose deep in such a wide variety of styles I almost can’t keep up. Today, in a single sitting, I read 300 pages of a thought provoking novel, The Mermaid Chair. In the midst of all my busy Christmas fiascos, I’ve plunged into a book more challenging than I initially imagined, Destined to Reign (FYI-don’t let the cheesy cover fool you, this one’s deep). And to round out my reading reportiore, my darling husband talked me into trying out my first graphic novel, Watchmen.

If you’re thinking about giving a lovely book for christmas, here are a few of my favorite drool-worthy finds! 


The Stylista: Monolo Blanik: Drawings, Wintour, Roberts, Talley;  The Artiste: Over and Over, Michael Perry;  The HomeBody: The Nest: Home Design Handbook, Carley Roney; Tricia Guild Pattern, Guild, Thomson; The Drama Queen: Wicked: The Grimmerie, David Cote; The Craftster: Doodle Stitching, Aimee Ray.



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Over the Weekend


When you think of the finest in the art of upcycling, beginning today you’ll think Erin Thompson of Dinner Time Chimes. With her love for the outdoors (you’ll LOVE her photos) and a smattering of smart-girl ingenuity, she has developed a unique approach to salvaging practically everything (including old workboots)!

Describe your most memorable weekend

My husband and I spent an entire weekend several months ago hitting every auction, thrift store, yard sale that we could find in our county. It was a mini road trip of the sorts, but we had a purpose… silverware! I’d run almost completely out of supplies to make windchimes, but boy did we have fun finding new items to challenge us and keep us busy for quite a while that weekend!

What is your favorite thing about the weekends?
Being able to get away from the computer and “day job” to enjoy the outdoors and do as I please.

What do you do creatively over the weekend?
I’ve got to stay busy so I’ll usually polish silverware while we watch a movie on Sunday afternoon or my husband watches football. I have to save the windchime assembly for later, since they can get a bit loud!

What is your favorite thing to wear on weekends?
Comfy clothes, but specifically ones that don’t matter if they get dirt or a little paint on them!

What do you like to eat on weekends?
Lately it’s a quick bite to eat for every meal on Saturday whether it’s something we whip up or grab at the local diner. We’ve been working hard remodeling the house we recently purchased so every minute on Saturday is packed full of projects at the house. Sundays are a much slower pace with church, lunch with my husband’s family followed by a relaxing afternoon.

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?
Sneaking off to the beach for a long weekend with our camper is the best! A quiet campground with absolutely no agenda for us is the perfect stress relief.


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Whatsy?? It’s Etsy!

So about a thousand times a week I have people ask me what I do. Generally, the conversation goes something like:

Inquisitive person: Now what do you do again?

Me: I sell vintage clothes and handmade jewelry and hats online.

IP: WOW! Do you have your own site?

Me: Actually I sell on this awesome site for handmade goods called “etsy”.

IP: Whatsy??

So for all of you who are dying to get a better idea of what etsy is, here is a great video with loads of cool etsians! It’s a bit long, but totally worth your 4 minutes!

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Over the Weekend

Whimsy is the word when it comes to the beautiful etsy shop, Designs by Vanessa. I came upon her by chance and am so pleased for you to get to know her and her delightful wares. Enjoy!


Q: Describe your most memorable weekend (recent or just a fun one you remember).

DBV: A weekend that sticks out in my mind is when my husband and I spent the day at a Kite Festival here in Austin. There were tons of kites that filled the sky and it was such an amazing sight to see. I took my camera with me and got some great shots. One of those shots actually ended up on the local news for a weather photo contest…my 5 minutes of fame!

Q: What is your favorite thing about the weekends?


DBV: When I’m not working, my favorite thing is just hanging out in my pj’s all morning while working on my crafts! I also love dragging my hubby to local bead stores to browse their selections (this is probably my husband’s least favorite thing about the weekend).

Q: What do you do creatively over the weekend?


 DBV: I work full time in the foster/adoption field so I do most of my creative work on the weekends. My two current obsessions are jewelry and paper goods but I do a little of everything.

Q: What is your favorite thing to wear on weekends?


DBV: I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but I do enjoy getting dressed up for a special occasion.

Q: What do you like to eat on weekends? My husband and I love to try new local restaurants on weekends. Austin, TX has some awesome hole in the wall restaurants. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend Vivo and Polvo’s for tex-mex!

Q: What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?


DBV: The great thing about living in Austin is that it is surrounded by lots of great weekend getaway locations. My husband and I try to visit San Antonio at least monthly to do something different and we always have so much fun strolling along the River Walk.










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