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Personality 101: Developing Your Sense of Style

be yourself

can’t count the number of times people have said things to me like, “you have such a unique style” or “I wish I could pull off what you do” or, my favorite, “How can you afford to wear something different all the time?” It’s as if I’m some kind of strange fashion anomaly that people can’t quite put their finger on. Most days, I choose to take their comments as a compliment but then there are the moments when those words cause me to second guess myself.

The fact is I’m a fairly shy person. I work hard every day to maintain a strong sense of who I am and who I want to be. Courage and fearlessness aren’t qualities I was born with; they’re things I have to cultivate and protect in my life. And hurt feelings are something I refuse to have. So when people say things that could be off-putting, I choose to toss them up on a high shelf and move along. Or, even better, find good in their words and use them to strengthen who I am.

There is one thing that gets to me, however. It may sound a bit silly, but I wish people could truly understand the value in developing their own sense of style. It bothers me that we have become a society which in one way or other demands people conform to what is “normal”. For some, that means always having to wear designer labels and surround themselves with elite circles of friends. For others, it is the exact opposite. They adopt an almost “holier than thou” mentality and wouldn’t step foot into a 5th Avenue shop if only to visit the ladies room. In my opinion, both extremes stem from fear and insecurity. And in both cases there is a sense of self-discovery that is lost.

Personal style is exactly that. Personal. That means not everyone has to love what you wear or how you wear it. But you do. And if you feel the most you when you’re wearing 3 inch heels then I say go for it. That’s you. But if you’re only wearing those heels because that’s what you think people expect from you, then it may be time to re-evaluate.

I wear what I wear because I truly love and appreciate those things. They’re the things that look best on me and that I can most be myself in. They are the things that allow me to forget about being self-conscious and worry about being others-focused. They don’t cost much – I enjoy being thrifty – but they do mean something to me. They’re a means of showing other women that they can enjoy being who they are. They don’t have to worry about “pulling off a look” – they can simply be themselves.

Today’s Mission:

Honestly evaluate your personal style. Are you being true on the outside to who you really are or want to be? What are the things you most appreciate about your look/style? What are the things you admire most about the style of others? Have you told them?




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I wish to wear: frills

I’m not sure why, but springtime always makes me feel like a girlie-girl. If I could pick my perfect outfit for today, it would be this.




1. Dress by Sarah Seven; 2. Headband, Thread and Petal; 3. Handbag, QUiDvintage; 4. Shoes by Gigi favela; 5. Earrings, Sleepy Moon Design


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Spring Trends: Striking Silhouettes

Soft, 1920’s inspired silhouettes are everywhere for spring. To be even more on trend, pair a floral print with an oversized menswear jacket. Or what about a pencil-legged trouser with a structured shouldered top? If all else fails, grab a cigar, and don your fanciest pair of gentlemen’s pajamas!



spring silhouettes

From Top Center: 1. dolce & gabbana; 2. Elie Tahari; 3. Carolina Herrera; 4. Dolce & Gabbana; 5. Givenchy; 6. Burberry Prorsum


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Shoes Flash: Free shipping at Urban!

For those of you who see Urban Outfitters as your one stop shop for wardrobe attire (you know who you are), do I have news for you!




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Over the Weekend: PINaR ERIS


I am so excited about today’s feature I can hardly stand it! You are about to meet one of my favorite fashion designers. No kidding. I “met” her last year while browsing for some street fashion inspiration and I can’t believe she offered to let me interview her!

Born and raised in Turkey, now living in Los Angeles, this avant-garde designer is about to knock your socks off! Without further adieu, say hello to Pinar Eris.


QUiD: Tell us about your most memorable weekend.


PINaR: Last weekend I went to Seattle for one of my friend’s birthdays. It was a fun Karaoke night with some good friends. It was great that the weather was awesome as well In Seattle over the weekend! After [living in] California I realized how much I missed cold weather so I could wear some thicker clothes. It feels cozy. 🙂

Qe: What is your favorite thing about the weekends?

P: Honestly I don’t have a weekend psychology like a person who has full time job over the weekdays. I am self employed so I can have my weekend whenever I want, however weekends are great because I have a chance to meet with my friends who have full time jobs.

Qe: What do you do creatively over the weekend?

P: It all depends my mood . Sometimes I work, sometimes I take classes, sometimes I go to different kinds of events to get inspired, or just sit at home and spend time on the computer to search etc.

Qe: Where is your favorite place to go/shop on the weekends?

P: I don’t prefer to go shopping over the weekend because everywhere is sooo crowded 🙂

Qe: What/where do you like to eat on weekends?

P: In summer time I love to go Venice Beach boardwalk, spend time with friends, eat some food and drink cold beer or a red wine 🙂

Qe: What’s the best place you’ve ever visited on the weekend?

P: Last year Yosemite national park was great experience. I loved it!

Qe: Finally, tell us a bit about PINaR ERIS and how you got started.

 P: I sell under my label PINaR ERIS. My designs are fun to wear and unique women’s wear & hats. I launched my first collection like 3-4 years ago and since then I [have been] creating. Other than my collections, when I have time I also do custom made clothing for special events. Check my items when you have time, I guess the best description is what you will see. 🙂




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Plaid Hatter

My fingers are just about numb from all the creating going on in my race to the Girlie Show. This week, the task has been to design and create pillbox hats. The goal was 10 and I’m well on my way! Sometimes these little guys seem intimidating when I first begin, but once I get into it the ideas just start flowing! I love to create something unique like the pillbox hats. So many people think they can’t wear them (especially in the Midwest where I live), but I say “Girl, rock that hat”! I love being a native Texan but there are so many days that I think my fashion eye was transplanted from London!


I decided to channel the fashion greats (think Oscar and Ralph) to pay homage to some of the most fabulous designs for fall! So here’s a little sample of one of that series of hat designs. I think it most resembles something from the fashion house of D&G. What do you think?


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In With the Old

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

2am. The absolute most appropriate time to introduce you to the QUiD Fall 08 line. We are over the top pumped about everything going on around here (thus my many consecutive sleepless nights). From the opening of our brand new vintage shop to the launch of the fall originals, here’s a quick shopping list of what you can look forward to very VERY soon:

1. QUiD Vintage is soon to be taking over wardrobes everywhere. expect to be dazzled by the ravaging collection of vintage wear we have conjured up for fall. Find us at www.quidvintage.etsy.com!

2. Can you say savage, sassy and chic? That’s the word on our latest QUiD Handmade originals. Scorching displays of tribal influence collide with a modern inferno that will set fall ablaze.

3. Hot new blog features will send your stylista mind into a full on tizzy over the next few weeks and months. Insane thought #1: wear something fab everyday. No cash to be so haute? QUiD’s raiding your closet like indy and won’t stop until we uncover endless fashionista treasure! Insane thought numero dos: Wish you could dress like you were hot off the runway but are missing a few million shopping dollars? Let us show you how to get the fab looks for practically nothing.

It’s all coming this fall and you won’t want to miss it!

Here’s to a QUiD-tastic season,

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