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Sneak Peak: Renegade Austin

Well now, I am a lucky duck. When we planned out trip to Austin we were only thinking that the weekend worked for us. Happily, it was also the date for the first ever Renegade Craft Fair in the city. I had such a good time today! Free magazines, cool artists and some of the funnest kitschy crafts you’ll ever find. I even met etsy celebs like Daniellexo.

Here’s a preview of my haul today!

A long Coveted Bunny Tee from Gnome Enterprises!



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Where Are you?

This post is for those who may or may not care. After an uber-busy summer of madness, QUiD is getting her act back together. ‘Tis the season for stocking up on new creations for fall shows, learning new techniques (can anyone out there solder?), getting orders ready to ship, sending product to retail partners, and generally sewing like a mad woman.

In addition to all that, I’m trying to catch up on fall fashion from the runway. I’m a bit of a crazed and organized mad woman when it comes to checking out seasonal ready-to-wear. The alphabetized and notated files and folders on my computer will prove it. Oh, and did I mention I’m putting together some awesomeness for the blog coming soon?

How do you keep it together when life gets crazy?


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How to: The Knitting Clutch

 I’m officially obsessed with knitting. There’s nothing like turning a length of soft and pretty yarn into something you can wear. I’m slowly accumulating quite the repertoire of needles and other accoutrements. To my dismay, the cat loves the tools of my new trade. In an effort to deter him, I’ve created a knitting clutch for my purly goodness. So, here’s my first attempt at a crafty how-to for you. Let me know what you think! I’d love to see photos if you use my instructions! Oh, and how do YOU store your knits and needles?
A cute little case!

A cute little case!



Clutch Instructions


1.       Measure down 3” from top left edge of lining. Using pencil or marker, mark a small dot here (dot one). (fig. 1a)

2.       Measure in 2” on left side of lining. Make a 2nd small dot here. (fig. 1b)



Fig. 1a & 1b


3.       Pin wrong side of purple felt to right side of lining, beginning from 2nd dot. Pin three sides leaving the top of felt open (forming a pocket). (fig. 2)


Fig. 2

Fig. 2




4.       Measure 3” from top right hand corner of purple felt. Mark a 3rd small dot. (fig. 3)


Fig. 3

Fig. 3


5.       Pin wrong side of green felt to right side of lining, beginning at 3rd dot. Pin three sides leaving the top of felt open (forming a pocket). (fig. 3)

6.       Measure 3” from top right hand corner of green felt. Mark a 4th small dot.

7.       Pin wrong side of teal felt to right side of lining, beginning at 4th dot. Pin three sides leaving top side open (forming a pocket). (fig. 4)


Fig. 4

Fig. 4


8.       Measure 1” up from teal pocket and pin all four sides of second teal felt piece. (fig. 4)


9.       On  Purple Pocket, measure in 1 inch from left side and mark with a marker or hold spot with a straight pin. Repeat this every inch across felt. Repeat on second piece of 5×8” felt. (fig. 5)


Fig. 5

Fig. 5


10.   Sew along all pinned lines leaving using half-inch ( ½”) seam allowances.


11.   Pin lining and large gray felt piece right sides together.


12.   Sew fabric together, leaving a half-inch ( ½”) seam allowance. Leave a 3” opening along bottom right.


13.   Trim and iron seams.


14.   Turn fabric right sides out. Iron.


15.   Sew up opening along bottom right. (fig. 6)


Fig. 6

Fig. 6

16.   On lining, measure 8 inches from left edge. Mark a vertical line with straight pins. (fig. 7a)

17.   Measure 8 inches from pins and mark another line with pins. (fig. 7b)

Fig. 7a & 7b

Fig. 7a & 7b

18.   Sew from top to bottom along vertical pin lines.

19.   On gray felt side of the smallest section (a.k.a. the flap of clutch), pin length of boucle yarn along edges. (fig. 8)

Fig. 8

Figure 8

20.   Using zig-zag stitch, sew over the top of yarn around edges. Trim off any remaining yarn. (fig. 9)

Fig. 9

Fig. 9

21.   Sew snap into clutch.


Enjoy your delightful new clutch!





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Bookish: the gift of the printed page

Maybe it’s the season but I can’t seem to get my fill of books lately. It’s no secret I love to read, but I’ve got my nose deep in such a wide variety of styles I almost can’t keep up. Today, in a single sitting, I read 300 pages of a thought provoking novel, The Mermaid Chair. In the midst of all my busy Christmas fiascos, I’ve plunged into a book more challenging than I initially imagined, Destined to Reign (FYI-don’t let the cheesy cover fool you, this one’s deep). And to round out my reading reportiore, my darling husband talked me into trying out my first graphic novel, Watchmen.

If you’re thinking about giving a lovely book for christmas, here are a few of my favorite drool-worthy finds! 


The Stylista: Monolo Blanik: Drawings, Wintour, Roberts, Talley;  The Artiste: Over and Over, Michael Perry;  The HomeBody: The Nest: Home Design Handbook, Carley Roney; Tricia Guild Pattern, Guild, Thomson; The Drama Queen: Wicked: The Grimmerie, David Cote; The Craftster: Doodle Stitching, Aimee Ray.


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Call to the artsy and craftsy

Do you have a great craft or artistic talent you’d like to share with QUiDessential readers? Run an online shop with your artsy goodness in it? We’re always searching around for fantastic people to feature here on the blog! Send us a comment today with a link to your wares and Qe will be happy to check it out! Can’t wait to meet you!


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check it out!

     They finally have the 2008 Girlies posted online! I’m the last one on the list…at least I’m not lost in the middle somewhere!


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Freebie Friday!

I’m feelin’ the need to pass out some love!

Here are some awesome freebies I found around the web today. You’re Welcome!

1. Free Cupcake of Guadalupe embroidery pattern on Pimp Stitch.

Free Pattern!

Free Pattern!

2. Sign up for Promos in a Snap’s newsletter and get all sorts of discount codes on their products.

3. Uhhh-dorable free greeting card download from Creature Comforts (one of my fave blogs). And check out these FREE fall tags they have as well!

4. Send a FREE marimekko e-card to a friend…or pick up one of their free screen savers!

send it to a friend!

send it to a friend!


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