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There’s no place like…home?

I love, love, love (love!) travelling. At least every two months I get this itch to go somewhere. Anywhere. As a little girl I traveled quite often with my grandparents. We went everywhere from New Mexico to D.C. and I loved every little minute of it. That being said, I have no special place in my heart for hotel rooms. I always dream of a lovely room with no funny smells…a place where you can hop right into bed without cringing as you check the sheets. Sad to say, there are very few places that actually feel like home.

About a month ago, Mr. QUid gave in and we went on one of my much needed road trips. I booked a room just outside of Dallas and we hopped in the car ready for adventure. After a great day of shopping and sightseeing, we headed to Aloft, our hotel. What we found was a surprisingly cool building with a great atmosphere. The desk clerks were super friendly (well, we were in Texas) and our room was a clean and modern IKEA version of a swanky loft. Overall, I think they earned an A+. Thanks, Aloft!

What do you all like to do when travelling?



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Ikea has Finally Done it

I thought it would be great fun to get to know a few of my fashion favorites in a more personal manner. The idea is to have a few of my favorite etsy sellers fill us in on “what they did over the weekend”. Fun, eh?

Just so you can learn a bit more about me…I’ll start.

This weekend, the hubby and I made a much needed trip to Ikea in Dallas for storage supplies. My crafting has officially taken over the apartment and I’m going bonkers! So off we went (in our “vintage” jeep), bouncing our way to the blue and yellow swedish monster.

Five hours later, there we were driving down the road with my newly appointed shelving system riding as the third passenger in the front seat. It’s official: Ikea has finally managed to separate me and my husband! lol! We had to spend the rest of the weekend literally yelling at one another through a particle board obstruction!

The hightlight of the weekend was when I found a great deal on a fabulous hotel. It’s called NYLO and has this great Urban Loft feel – complete with a fancy bed and concrete floors!

Oh…and I made a killer necklace to wear! When in the city, right?

A look at my weekend

A look at my weekend


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