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Where Are you?

This post is for those who may or may not care. After an uber-busy summer of madness, QUiD is getting her act back together. ‘Tis the season for stocking up on new creations for fall shows, learning new techniques (can anyone out there solder?), getting orders ready to ship, sending product to retail partners, and generally sewing like a mad woman.

In addition to all that, I’m trying to catch up on fall fashion from the runway. I’m a bit of a crazed and organized mad woman when it comes to checking out seasonal ready-to-wear. The alphabetized and notated files and folders on my computer will prove it. Oh, and did I mention I’m putting together some awesomeness for the blog coming soon?

How do you keep it together when life gets crazy?



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I heart: Pattern!

Wow. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. hmmm….summer seems to be getting away with me. I am beginning to work on the specifics of the fall line so color and pattern have been taking over my world. Here is a bit of inspiration for you.

pattern copy


What are your favorite colors and patterns?

From top left: Rug, The Rug Company; Fabric, Free Spirit Fabrics; Ruffle Dress, Pixie Market; Sundress, Marimekko; Wallpaper, Trove


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The tops: Topshop comes to US

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the UK retailer, Topshop, has opened an online store for those of us across the pond. There are so many fantastically euro things I’m dying to get my hands on!

the unique collection at topshop

the unique collection at topshop

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Sheer Perfection

I love the combination of lace and leather. Pairing uber-feminine lace with this tough fabric makes for a striking look. Just keep it understated. Too much of a good thing will have you looking like a vampy Halloween costume gone horribly wrong!



Featured here:

1.       Earrings, Fleathers

2.       Chair & Ottoman, Lunar Lounge

3.       Lace Dress, Prada

4.       Lace Chair, Philippe Starck

5.       Leggings, Express

6.       Guitar Ring, Tous

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007 Style

I must be some kind of backwoods girl. Just last week I saw my very first Bond film. Aside from the cars (my dream is to own an Aston Martin) and ridiculously stylish clothes, I have to say I wan’t too impressed. Of course, that was one film of many so I guess I’ll have to give James another chance!

I did get inspired my the oh-so-suave way Mr. Bond handles a gun, which made me think of another guru of style, Mr. Karl Lagerfield (a.k.a. Chanel icon and snazzy dresser extraoridinaire). Here’s a peek at my sleekest efforts at style!

love that spy style!

love that spy style!


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Plaid Hatter

My fingers are just about numb from all the creating going on in my race to the Girlie Show. This week, the task has been to design and create pillbox hats. The goal was 10 and I’m well on my way! Sometimes these little guys seem intimidating when I first begin, but once I get into it the ideas just start flowing! I love to create something unique like the pillbox hats. So many people think they can’t wear them (especially in the Midwest where I live), but I say “Girl, rock that hat”! I love being a native Texan but there are so many days that I think my fashion eye was transplanted from London!


I decided to channel the fashion greats (think Oscar and Ralph) to pay homage to some of the most fabulous designs for fall! So here’s a little sample of one of that series of hat designs. I think it most resembles something from the fashion house of D&G. What do you think?


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I heart the 80’s

I have to admit I’ve got more than a little crush on the 80’s. I was pretty much too young to remember everything on the first go ‘round so this is all very exciting for me. Now, I’m not planning on going Cyndi Lauper on anyone just yet, but there are certain aspects of that era I’m super pumped to bring back.



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