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She Says: Out With the Old, In With the New

Ever heard the expression “Living in the monkey house”? When you walk into the monkey exhibit at the zoo you think, OMG! It smells horrible in here! But if you stay in the monkey house for long enough, you don’t really smell it anymore, right? Everyone else who enters the monkey house has to plug their nose, but those who have gotten used to the smell don’t seem to notice it at all anymore. How does this relate to beauty? Getting used to your look, your style, and your makeup techniques can all be detrimental to your outward image!

You know that girl that always has the orange base line around her jaw? Do you think she realizes that she looks like an oompa loompa? Of course not. She thinks she is hot stuff with her “tan” face! Other people that she meets recognize that she could use a lighter color foundation and maybe a lesson in blending, but again, she has been living in the monkey house with this orange face for far too long and can no longer recognize how ridiculous she looks.

What about the lady with the poufy bangs? She loved how they looked in the early 90’s so she decided to keep them. Now she has become accustomed to how they look on her, and she thinks she would look weird without them. She and her bangs are happily shacked up in the monkey house.

And then there’s the woman who has had a couple of kids and has let herself go a bit. She started off by omitting blush and eyeliner to shave some time off of her morning routine. Nowadays the morning routine has been whittled down to the use of a hair brush and maybe some powder and Chapstick. She slowly cut out one beauty product after the next until she had completely crossed over to the homely side without even knowing it. She certainly doesn’t think she looks her very best, but has an “it’ll do” attitude about her appearance. This situation is a slow fade, but in the end, she and her housewife appearance have definitely taken up residence in the monkey house.

What these hypothetical women need to realize is that sometimes you need to look somewhere other than the mirror to see how you really look. Check out what’s current by grabbing the newest People, turning on E!, or just noticing what other women are doing. This is not to conform, but simply to stay relevant to what is happening today.

Think about who stands out as beautiful in your eyes. Whose style would you like to emulate? Who has the look and the class that makes you say, “She always looks great!”? I say Jennifer Aniston is a great example. Well, do you see Jennifer Aniston wearing 3 inch acrylic nails? Nope. Maybe it’s time to lose those. Is she wearing Crocs? Well, maybe those aren’t the most fashionable style of shoe on the market. Is her lip liner 4 shades darker than her lipstick? No? Perhaps that’s because that look does not work for anyone! It’s a harsh fact of life, but if it doesn’t look good on anyone else, it probably doesn’t look good on you either.

A good rule of thumb is to never go longer than 3 years without reevaluating your look and making some updates. Whether it be changing where you shop, your hair style, or your makeup shades, if you want to look your best, change is necessary!

Pardon the cheese factor in this quote, but “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” – Mary Kay Ash

Image Credit:   © Lester Cohen/WireImage.com


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Simply Summer

It’s hot outside. Too hot for early June. I’m a Fall girl at heart so the only way to make through the scorching heat is to dream up pretty things to wear!

From top left: Handbag, Melie Bianco; Vintage Dress, adVintagous, Rope Necklace, The Vamoose; Shoes, Gabriella Rocha; Lipgloss, M.A.C.

How do you stay cool in the Summer?


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Personality 101: Developing Your Sense of Style

be yourself

can’t count the number of times people have said things to me like, “you have such a unique style” or “I wish I could pull off what you do” or, my favorite, “How can you afford to wear something different all the time?” It’s as if I’m some kind of strange fashion anomaly that people can’t quite put their finger on. Most days, I choose to take their comments as a compliment but then there are the moments when those words cause me to second guess myself.

The fact is I’m a fairly shy person. I work hard every day to maintain a strong sense of who I am and who I want to be. Courage and fearlessness aren’t qualities I was born with; they’re things I have to cultivate and protect in my life. And hurt feelings are something I refuse to have. So when people say things that could be off-putting, I choose to toss them up on a high shelf and move along. Or, even better, find good in their words and use them to strengthen who I am.

There is one thing that gets to me, however. It may sound a bit silly, but I wish people could truly understand the value in developing their own sense of style. It bothers me that we have become a society which in one way or other demands people conform to what is “normal”. For some, that means always having to wear designer labels and surround themselves with elite circles of friends. For others, it is the exact opposite. They adopt an almost “holier than thou” mentality and wouldn’t step foot into a 5th Avenue shop if only to visit the ladies room. In my opinion, both extremes stem from fear and insecurity. And in both cases there is a sense of self-discovery that is lost.

Personal style is exactly that. Personal. That means not everyone has to love what you wear or how you wear it. But you do. And if you feel the most you when you’re wearing 3 inch heels then I say go for it. That’s you. But if you’re only wearing those heels because that’s what you think people expect from you, then it may be time to re-evaluate.

I wear what I wear because I truly love and appreciate those things. They’re the things that look best on me and that I can most be myself in. They are the things that allow me to forget about being self-conscious and worry about being others-focused. They don’t cost much – I enjoy being thrifty – but they do mean something to me. They’re a means of showing other women that they can enjoy being who they are. They don’t have to worry about “pulling off a look” – they can simply be themselves.

Today’s Mission:

Honestly evaluate your personal style. Are you being true on the outside to who you really are or want to be? What are the things you most appreciate about your look/style? What are the things you admire most about the style of others? Have you told them?



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Friday’s Wardrobe: Sort of

Per special request by some sweet friends, here’s another “what I wore” post! Actually, this outfit is from Thursday, but as I was up until 3am (thanks to the fabulous “Alice” premier) I suppose it will do.

Happy Weekend!

My nails are a wee bit crazy… just a touch of O.P.I. Mad as a Hatter in honor of the occasion. Earrings are my faves. They are from the Anna Sheffield collection for Target (a gift from the boy).

Shoes from Urban Oufitters

A not-so-good makeup shot. MAC pigments in Bronzescape, Stila Smudge Pot gel liner in Black, Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara, Revlon Mix & Mingle Lip Palette in Chatty Cherry (discontinued).

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Mr. Avant Garde Himself

Ahhh…today was a sad day indeed for the world of fashion. Amidst the excitement of Fashion Week, a legend was lost. Alexander McQueen stole my heart about 3 years ago, when I left my job in marketing and proceeded to pour over style photos wondering what on earth to do with my life. His designs seemed so free of the constraints of the fashion elite and made me think that maybe, I  too, could find a place in this world. While today marked the tragic end of an icon, these designs will always hold a special place in my heart.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen

alexander mcqueen

(source: Style.com)


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Friday’s Wardrobe

So it seems that I inevitably feel the need to dress up on Fridays. I have no idea why. Even if I’ll only be trudging to the grocery store or slugging around the house, I wake up with the urge to put on something festive. Tonight I think the boy and I will catch a movie!

What I woreWhat I WoreFrock: ModCloth, Tights: Rodarte for Target, Boots: Vintage {Buffalo Exchange}, Belt: Vintage {Unknown Origins}, Ring: Forever 21

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Look Lit: Anne of Green Gables

A longstanding tradition among the girls in my family is to pop a bag of popcorn on a cold rainy night, put on our pj’s and grab our VHS copy of “Anne of Green Gables” (the Kevin Sullivan version). Yes, I said VHS. Meaning we have to drag out the VCR and remember how to work it. For those who don’t understand my old school terminology, do forgive me!

Anne (with an “e”) endlessly inspired me with her carrot-red hair and her sharp-witted tongue. Not to mention her passion for puffed sleeves and tragic poetry. Now that was a girl I could be “bosom friends” with!

Anne of Green Gables Inspiration

Cashmere Cuff, Stacy Leigh Atelier; Plaid Skirt, Dear Golden; Vintage Rose Tshirt, Designed Threads; Bloomies, Gypsy Junction; Assemblage Necklace, Morticia Snow; Shrug, Holly Stalder; Ivory Cutout Booties, Free People; Silver Collar, Crutch

Anne of Green Gables screen capanne of avonlea screen capAnne of Green Gables InspirationShirt Collar, Jared Gold; Plaid Vest, Retro Labs; Train Case, Willow Creek Sparrow; Trinket Box, Sweetheart Sinner; Lace Up Boot, Modcloth; Mini Straw hat, Modcloth; Plaid Romper, Cowgirl Heaven

Take the Anne of Green Gables Quiz to see how much you know about the world of Miss Shirley! Oh! And take a peek here for more Prince Edward Island goodness.


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Onward and Upward: The Bra Bulge

Last week, we discussed the finer points of finding the right pair of jeans. Today, we’re moving on up!

The dreaded bra bulge is another common problem caused by wearing a certain article of clothing that simply doesn’t fit. The bra bulge, back fat, and double-boob are all unflattering consequences of wearing a bra that is just too small. Most women cannot fathom that they don’t really know their own bra size, but if you look in the mirror and you are sagging, you have back fat or armpit fat, or you are popping out of the top – guess what – you are either wearing the wrong size or style of bra. A girl wearing a B cup does not need a full-coverage bra just as a DD girl doesn’t need an unlined, wireless, demi bra.

Fortunately there’s a quick and easy solution to finding your perfect fit. Victoria’s Secret offers free bra fittings that pinpoint your exact size and can also help you find which style works best for you.

In most cases, with any article of clothing, you get what you pay for. A $9 Wal-Mart bra is just not going to give you what a $48 Victoria’s Secret bra can. It’s always a good idea to look for sales, but do not fall into the Sale Trap! Never buy anything just because it’s cheap. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t need it even if they give it to you.

Above all, just remember that so many body flaws can be perfectly camouflaged by simply wearing clothes that fit. Look in the 3 way mirror, check for rolls or any other unflattering bulges, and if all else fails, buy some Spanx!


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My Perfect Sunday Style

Okay. I have just a few moments before I’m off, but I just had to share this photo with you. I’m a big fan of this satin wrap skirt from Cynthia Rowley and I really truly adore how Tinsley Mortimer pulled it together with that royal blue top and perfect gray accessories. Lovely!

If you’re like me and just can’t quite work Ms. Rowley into your budget, take a peek at these new Cynthia Rowley patterns for Simplicity I uncovered the other day. I had no idea!


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The Girlie Show that Was…

Friday and Saturday proved to be two of the best days QUiD has ever had. I have to say, those Head Girlies really went all out with promoting the show this year and it showed. My perfectly placed little booth had more traffic than the 405 at rush hour. Yay! Here are a few pics of my booth before it all started. As usual, I managed to not capture a single human in my photos. Oh well, enjoy!

GS09 boothGS09

GS09 dress

My girl Tara snagged this one!

GS09 Scarves

for the boys (and girls)!

GS09 top hat


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