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Dolce Vita!

At Target! These are boyfriend/military chic heaven. I’m not usually a fan of target shoes (they’re usually too stiff and cheap looking for the prices) but these seem to be a bit better quality. My absolute faves are these boots with adorable golden buckles up the sides. So cute for fall leggings and sweater combos!



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Do or Don’t: Peep Toes and Pantyhose

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Cooler weather is just around the corner (hopefully) and with the climate change comes the wardrobe change. Out with the tank tops and in with the sweaters. Hello, knee boots and goodbye, peep-toes, right? One simply cannot go out barelegged in 40 degree temps, so what else is a girl to do other than pack away the open-toed shoes until spring? Everyone knows that stockings are reserved for closed-toed shoes only, right? Since the dawn of time (or somewhere around then) the fashion gods have forbidden us to wear open-toed shoes with any type of hosiery, so surely 2009 will be no different, right? Wrong! Apparently the powers that be have grown tired of seeing the same knee-boot and skirt combo year after year, and frankly, I’ve had my fill as well.  As crazy as it may sound (or even look to some) the infamous fashion faux pas is now the “it look” for the season.  That’s right, you heard me, open-toed shoes for fall…with tights.

Now, take a moment to collect yourself, lift your jaw off the floor and pay attention to the following restrictions before you go traipsing down the street in your white Easter shoes and suntan pantyhose.  It’s not as easy as it sounds and if you don’t do it right you’ll end up looking like you’re trying to score an invite to your Granny’s bridge club. So here’s how to pull it off, if you dare.

First of all, these aren’t just any open-toed shoes. Actually, the open-toe should really be more of a peep-toe. The shoe needs to be a little chunky, not skimpy or strappy, and the heavier the fabric, the better. Suede, wool and flannel are all good choices.

Moving on to the issue of hosiery, let’s just take a moment to clarify the difference between tights and pantyhose. Pantyhose are the staple of every great-grandmother’s wardrobe. In my humble opinion, they were made strictly to disguise any unsightly varicose veins, bruises, age spots or any other imperfections of the leg. So, unless you are a geriatric member of the AARP (or a Hooter’s waitress), there is no need. Tights, on the other hand, can be a fabulous accessory when paired with the right shoes. The tights you want for this look are a dark color and very opaque. In addition, textured tights can really break up the monotony of an all black ensemble.

This look actually made its runway debut last season, but sometimes it takes a full year for a new runway trend to translate into everyday life.  Keep in mind that some people have no tolerance for breaking old, outdated fashion dos and don’ts. So prepare yourself for some raised eyebrows from those who aren’t aware of the new trends, which, let’s face it, is practically everyone. I say ignore the naysayers and strut your style savvy stuff. If anyone gives you slack about your fab new look, tell them to check out QUiDessential and I’ll set them straight. Or if you, yourself, are one of the eyebrow-raisers who simply cannot get on board with this look, don’t worry; it’s a definite fad that will probably be long gone by this time next year.

~ Courtney

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Monday Menagerie

I’m off in a minute to hunt for something to wear. Before I popped out, I thought I’d share a bit of eye candy. Happy Monday!


Photography by Josh Golemanjosh goleman photog copy

Shoes from Melissa

melissa jellies


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Shoes Flash: Free shipping at Urban!

For those of you who see Urban Outfitters as your one stop shop for wardrobe attire (you know who you are), do I have news for you!




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Moc Madness

Apparently I’m on a baby kick. Or I’m just loving all things tiny. I’ve had this idea for a pair of baby shoes bumbling around in my head for a while and last night I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Here is the result! I’d love to hear any ideas or feedback!

baby moc

baby moc

Moc ad


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Today I’m feeling anti-couture. Please don’t kill me just yet! It’s just a source of angst that I can’t dress in the trends as they come off the runway, rather than having to wait a cabillion years until they trickle down to forever21. Well, no matter.

What I have decided, however, is that anyone can spruce up their look with just a little “cheap girl” innovation.

Case in point: I am currently in love with the fall shoes from Proenza Schouler. Since there’s no chance in hades that these shoes are making their way to my closet before they go out of style (I have the distinct feeling they’d feel VERY out of place resting next to my old navy flip flops, anyhow), a girl has to get creative. My solution? TIGHTS! If you can find just the right hue of mustard – somewhere between French’s and Grey Poupon – you end up with a great translation for about an eighteenth of the price…seriously.

Splashes of bright color spill over into fall fashion

Splashes of bright color spill over into fall fashion

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In With the Old

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

QUiD Vintage Goes Boho

2am. The absolute most appropriate time to introduce you to the QUiD Fall 08 line. We are over the top pumped about everything going on around here (thus my many consecutive sleepless nights). From the opening of our brand new vintage shop to the launch of the fall originals, here’s a quick shopping list of what you can look forward to very VERY soon:

1. QUiD Vintage is soon to be taking over wardrobes everywhere. expect to be dazzled by the ravaging collection of vintage wear we have conjured up for fall. Find us at www.quidvintage.etsy.com!

2. Can you say savage, sassy and chic? That’s the word on our latest QUiD Handmade originals. Scorching displays of tribal influence collide with a modern inferno that will set fall ablaze.

3. Hot new blog features will send your stylista mind into a full on tizzy over the next few weeks and months. Insane thought #1: wear something fab everyday. No cash to be so haute? QUiD’s raiding your closet like indy and won’t stop until we uncover endless fashionista treasure! Insane thought numero dos: Wish you could dress like you were hot off the runway but are missing a few million shopping dollars? Let us show you how to get the fab looks for practically nothing.

It’s all coming this fall and you won’t want to miss it!

Here’s to a QUiD-tastic season,

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