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I Heart Betsey

I’m on a Betsey Johnson kick. She’s bold and bright and daring. The Spring ’09 line inspires ideas for a short film: Hello Dolly Goes to the Circus. Most find her a bit ostentatious, and to them I say, “isn’t that the point”?

Here is my tribute to the colorful side of life.


1: BJ Runway Designs, Style.com; 2: Rosebud Drop earrings, BJ’s Online Shop; 3: Bowler Hat, by Hats in the Belfry; 4: BJ Vintage Top, BJOnline; 5: Runway Look, Style.com; 6: AK Black Flats, piperlime



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Gift Guide: in black & white

Well. I finally learned how to knit. Mind you, I said knit, not purl (for those of you who know what that means). I didn’t realize there was a whole new language I would have to learn. And why, oh why, are those tutorials so maddening? I am, however, proudly wearing my first knit piece…a cowl. And I’m addicted. Something about pretty balls of yarn and using your fingers to transform them….pure genius. Anyone have a good yarn supplier? I think I’m going to need it!

Here’s #2 in my series of gift guides. What says “Merry Christmas” better than classy black and white?


1. Salt Shakers, Bailey Doesn’t Bark; 2. Camera Necklace, Timothy Adam Designs; 3. Framed Art, BLacKGas; 4. Baroque Alarm Clock, Urban Outfitters; 5. Typewriter Necklace, Tilly Bloom; 6. Silhouette Plate, Lisa Golightly


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