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Sailor Made

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been on a sailboat in my life. But there’s something about summer that makes me want to hit the high seas – or at least dress the part!

Nautical FashionFrom top left: Striped Tee + Gold Coin Necklace, Modcloth; Shorts, Topshop; Canvas Wedges, Urban Outfitters; Handbag, Lucky

What’s your favorite summer style?




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Friday’s Wardrobe: Sort of

Per special request by some sweet friends, here’s another “what I wore” post! Actually, this outfit is from Thursday, but as I was up until 3am (thanks to the fabulous “Alice” premier) I suppose it will do.

Happy Weekend!

My nails are a wee bit crazy… just a touch of O.P.I. Mad as a Hatter in honor of the occasion. Earrings are my faves. They are from the Anna Sheffield collection for Target (a gift from the boy).

Shoes from Urban Oufitters

A not-so-good makeup shot. MAC pigments in Bronzescape, Stila Smudge Pot gel liner in Black, Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara, Revlon Mix & Mingle Lip Palette in Chatty Cherry (discontinued).

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The Name Game: Prize Involved!


image via: The Scrappy Shack

So, I’m 2 1/2 days away from my next big craft show. The product is basically done but I’ve yet to decide what to wear. I made a really cute paper bag skirt but now I think I want to make a hand-painted tank. The dilema: what should it say?

That’s good news for you! For the next 24 hours, I’ll be taking submissions for 2-3 word phrases to use on the shirt. Post ’em here, but keep it clean.

THE WINNER of this challenge will receive 1 said tank in the size of your choice along with a special surprise from the QUiD collection! 3-2-1…GO!

a bit like my skirt creation

a bit like my skirt creation


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tidbits of awesomeness

For those of you who live in the LA area, I’m terribly jealous. Urban Outfitters has opened what they’re calling a “retail experiment”. Featuring local fashion designers, artists and musicians this space seems like an indie fashionista’s dream…


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Shoes Flash: Free shipping at Urban!

For those of you who see Urban Outfitters as your one stop shop for wardrobe attire (you know who you are), do I have news for you!




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Gift Guide: in black & white

Well. I finally learned how to knit. Mind you, I said knit, not purl (for those of you who know what that means). I didn’t realize there was a whole new language I would have to learn. And why, oh why, are those tutorials so maddening? I am, however, proudly wearing my first knit piece…a cowl. And I’m addicted. Something about pretty balls of yarn and using your fingers to transform them….pure genius. Anyone have a good yarn supplier? I think I’m going to need it!

Here’s #2 in my series of gift guides. What says “Merry Christmas” better than classy black and white?


1. Salt Shakers, Bailey Doesn’t Bark; 2. Camera Necklace, Timothy Adam Designs; 3. Framed Art, BLacKGas; 4. Baroque Alarm Clock, Urban Outfitters; 5. Typewriter Necklace, Tilly Bloom; 6. Silhouette Plate, Lisa Golightly


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Off the Runway

So I saw this look from Dolce & Gabana and thought, “hey, I bet I could get that outfit without spending $2,000 for a t-shirt”. And so here it is, I place before you my first re-creation of a runway style, sans runway.


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