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She’s Gone Country

This weekend I made the trek to my homeland of Tejas. It seems like the moment I crossed the Red River every radio station suddenly became country. I was inspired to share these beautiful things with you today!
Clockwise from top right: Scarf, Marshal Arts 79; Light, 31 Prov; Necklace, Bionic Unicorn; Hair clips, Pretty Betty; Hat, Hat Diva; Textured Necklace, Little Paper Crane


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I heart: Cowboy Boots!

I’m a Texas girl at heart. So it should come as no surprise that I can’t remember a time when cowboy boots haven’t graced my closet. In style or out, I don’t care, I just love ’em! How do you feel about cowboy boots?

these boots rock!

these boots rock!


From left: Sunburst Pattern Boot, QUiD vintage; Camel Boot, JessJamesJake; White boot, Dewberry Vintage

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I Heart Betsey

I’m on a Betsey Johnson kick. She’s bold and bright and daring. The Spring ’09 line inspires ideas for a short film: Hello Dolly Goes to the Circus. Most find her a bit ostentatious, and to them I say, “isn’t that the point”?

Here is my tribute to the colorful side of life.


1: BJ Runway Designs, Style.com; 2: Rosebud Drop earrings, BJ’s Online Shop; 3: Bowler Hat, by Hats in the Belfry; 4: BJ Vintage Top, BJOnline; 5: Runway Look, Style.com; 6: AK Black Flats, piperlime


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